State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Direct care workers who tend to the needs of the
 3    developmentally disabled, mentally ill, infirm,  and  elderly
 4    perform   a  difficult  task  that  is  both  physically  and
 5    emotionally challenging; and

 6        WHEREAS, Workers employed by  private  provider  agencies
 7    are among the lowest paid in the State; and

 8        WHEREAS,  A  1998 University of Illinois study found that
 9    private providers of disability  services  in  Illinois  paid
10    workers a starting salary of only $6.00 per hour; and

11        WHEREAS,  Many  workers  in  these private agencies often
12    must pay up to 10% of their compensation per month for health
13    insurance coverage; and

14        WHEREAS, The University of  Illinois  study  found  staff
15    turnover  rates among private agencies in Illinois was at 80%
16    in their first year of employment; and

17        WHEREAS, High staff turnover rates negatively impact  the
18    quality  of  care  and continuity required for  the disabled,
19    mentally ill, infirm, and elderly; and

20        WHEREAS, The State of Illinois must  ensure  that  direct
21    care  workers  are  properly  compensated for their important
22    work and that turnover at these private agencies is kept to a
23    minimum, allowing vulnerable individuals a  stable  and  safe
24    environment; and

25        WHEREAS, Illinois private agency providers have indicated
26    that  they want to use any funding increase to increase wages
27    for direct care employees, but in the past not all  providers
28    have done so; therefore, be it

                            -2-                LRB9113803DJcd
 1    providers  of  services  for  the  developmentally  disabled,
 2    mentally  ill,  infirm,  and  elderly shall increase wages of
 3    direct  care  workers  by  either  (i)  at  least  the   same
 4    percentage  as  a funding increase awarded as a cost of doing
 5    business increase or (ii) at  least  the  same  amount  as  a
 6    funding  increase  awarded  as  an  average wage increase for
 7    these workers; and be it further

 8        RESOLVED, That each service provider shall certify to its
 9    funding agency or agencies (the Department of Public  Aid  or
10    the  Department  of  Human  Services, or both) as provided by
11    policies established by each such  Department,  that  it  has
12    provided   the   wage  increases  in  accordance  with  these
13    requirements; and be it further

14        RESOLVED, That this certification shall,  at  a  minimum,
15    include,  for  each  State-funded  service:  the  name of the
16    provider; the type of State-funded services  offered  by  the
17    provider; the number of direct care employees affected by the
18    increase;  the  average  salary  increase  awarded  to  these
19    employees;  the average increase in benefits awarded to these
20    employees; the total amount of funding increase received; the
21    total amount of that funding increase intended for  wage  and
22    benefit  enhancement  for  direct care workers; and the total
23    amount of that funding increase expended on wage and  benefit
24    increases for direct care workers; and be it further

25        RESOLVED,  That  the  Auditor  General  shall review each
26    Department's implementation of this certification process  as
27    part  of  its  regular  compliance  audit  process; and be it
28    further

29        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  Resolution  be
30    forwarded  to  the  Director  of Public Aid, the Secretary of
31    Human Services, and the Auditor General.

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