State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 4    we urge the Department of Human Services to contract with one
 5    or more universities or  other  established  social  research
 6    organizations  for  a  study of the level of the monthly cash
 7    assistance provided to  families  under  Article  IV  of  the
 8    Illinois  Public Aid Code (TANF), the impact of that level on
 9    the well-being of those families, and the  accomplishment  of
10    the  aims  of the program established under Article IV of the
11    Illinois Public Aid Code; the study should be included  in  a
12    report  to  the  Governor  and the General Assembly, and that
13    report should  also  be  made  public;  the  study  shall  be
14    conducted  in  the  year  2000 and the report shall be due on
15    October 1, 2000; and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That the study shall include, at a minimum, (1)
17    the  maximum  grant  levels  for  the  family  sizes,  family
18    compositions, and geographic groupings in effect at the  time
19    of  the  study,  expressed  in dollars and, after including a
20    reasonable  average  amount  of  food  stamps   received   by
21    recipient  families,  as  percentages  of the then-applicable
22    federal poverty levels for the  corresponding  family  sizes;
23    (2)  the  levels  of  the  maximum cash grants for the family
24    sizes, family compositions, and  geographic  groupings  under
25    the Department's cash grant system if they had kept pace with
26    the  Consumer  Price  Index since 1990; (3) the levels of the
27    maximum  cash   grants   for   the   family   sizes,   family
28    compositions, and geographic groupings under the Department's
29    cash  grant  system  if  they had kept pace with the Consumer
30    Price Index since the  previous  increase  in  monthly  grant
31    levels;  (4)  the  impact  of  the  level of the monthly cash
32    assistance on the ability of recipient families to engage  in
33    education  or  training and move into the work force, and the
                            -2-                LRB9113784MWmb
 1    ability of recipient families to meet subsistence  needs  for
 2    food,  clothing,  shelter, utilities, and transportation; and
 3    (5)  incidence among recipient families, and a comparison  of
 4    that  with  incidence among the general public, of evictions,
 5    homelessness, and overcrowding; utility shutoffs; hunger; use
 6    of emergency services such as  shelters  and  food  pantries;
 7    transferring  between  schools,  poor  school attendance, and
 8    dropping out of  school;  and  investigations  for  abuse  or
 9    neglect,  or temporary or permanent State custody of children
10    in the recipient family by the Illinois child welfare system;
11    and be it further

12        RESOLVED,  That  we  urge  the  Family  Self  Sufficiency
13    Advisory Council or successor advisory  body  to  advise  the
14    Department on additional criteria to be included in the study
15    and  on  the  form  and additional content of the report; the
16    Department shall require the study to be based upon  diligent
17    research  of  existing  research,  data,  and  literature  to
18    acquire  the  best  possible  information regarding the study
19    criteria; the  Department  shall  make  its  own  data  bases
20    available  to  the  researchers; the Department need not fund
21    new or original social  science  research  for  the  required
22    study,  but  the  Department  may  pay  for the extraction of
23    reports from existing social science data bases if  doing  so
24    is necessary to produce the most complete information for the
25    study criteria; and be it further

26        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
27    delivered to the Secretary of Human Services and  the  Family
28    Self Sufficiency Advisory Council.

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