State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, As Illinois continues its efforts to fight crime
 3    at every level, we must never lose sight of  the  toll  crime
 4    takes  on  victims;  those  who  have suffered a violation of
 5    their person, property, or trust deserve to be  treated  with
 6    dignity  and  respect  by  our  criminal and juvenile justice
 7    systems and by society at-large; and

 8        WHEREAS,  We  recognize  that  crime  victims   play   an
 9    indispensable  role  in  bringing  offenders  to  justice; in
10    return, we owe crime victims fair  and  respectful  treatment
11    during the criminal justice process; it is right that we help
12    them rebuild their lives; and

13        WHEREAS,  While  Illinois has enacted laws to protect the
14    rights of victims of crime and provide them certain essential
15    services, all of us, policy makers,  those  in  the  criminal
16    justice  system,  counselors,  clergy members, and members of
17    the general public, must do what we can to adhere not only to
18    the letter of victims' rights laws but the  spirit  of  those
19    laws  as well; let us Dare to Dream that in the year 2000 and
20    beyond, respect and dignity will be basic rights for everyone
21    victimized by crime; and

22        WHEREAS,  Through  public  and  private  efforts,   great
23    strides  have  been made to ensure compassionate treatment of
24    crime victims and their families; we  gratefully  acknowledge
25    all  those  who work, often as volunteers, on behalf of crime
26    victims; and

27        WHEREAS,  We  recognize  those   many   law   enforcement
28    officers,  prosecutors, victim service providers, corrections
29    officers,  parole   and   probation   officers,   counselors,
30    physicians,  health  care  professionals, and the many others
31    whose dedication and service to crime victims helps to lessen
32    trauma and assists in personal recoveries; and
                            -2-                LRB9113626CBcb
 1        WHEREAS, We particularly  express  our  appreciation  for
 2    those victims and survivors of crime who have turned personal
 3    tragedy  into  a  motivating  force  not  only to improve the
 4    rights and treatment of other victims of crime, but, also, to
 5    build a better, more just community; therefore, be it

 8    we hereby proclaim the week of  April  9-15,  2000  as  Crime
 9    Victims'  Rights Week, and urge the citizens of this State to
10    use the week to reaffirm our commitment  to  see  that  crime
11    victims  receive  our  respect,  understanding, and help this
12    week and throughout the year; and be it further

13        RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this  resolution  shall
14    be  forwarded  to  the  Vermilion  County  Victims Assistance
15    Program.

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