State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish  to extend their sincere condolences to
 4    the family and friends  of  Hilda  Lopez-Arce,  who  recently
 5    passed away; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Hilda Lopez-Arce was born on August 28, 1955 in
 7    Guayama, Puerto Rico; her parents  were  Epifanio  Lopez  and
 8    Norberta  Rodriguez  Lopez;  on  October  3, 1999 she married
 9    Roberto Arce; and

10        WHEREAS, At the age of three, Hilda  Lopez-Arce  and  her
11    family  moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; she was educated
12    at St. Edwards Catholic Elementary School and  Hallahan  High
13    School  in  Philadelphia;  she  received her Bachelor of Arts
14    degree in psychology from Chestnut Hill College; she received
15    her Masters  of  Education  degree  from  the  University  of
16    Illinois at Chicago; and

17        WHEREAS,   In   1998   Hilda   Lopez-Arce   received  the
18    Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence  (CAPE)  Award;
19    the  award is a peer award designed to recognize demonstrated
20    excellence by academic  professional  staff  members  at  the
21    University of Illinois at Chicago; and

22        WHEREAS,  While  living in Pennsylvania, Hilda Lopez-Arce
23    worked  as  the  Community  Liaison  for   the   Philadelphia
24    Coalition  on  Domestic  Violence  and  the Displaced Women's
25    Coordinator for the Lutheran Settlement House;  in  1980  she
26    began  working  at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a
27    counselor,  assistant  to  the  Vice  Chancellor,  and  Staff
28    Associate; and

29        WHEREAS, Hilda Lopez-Arce  served  as  president  of  the
30    Illinois Association of Hispanic State Employees (IAHSE); she
31    was  a  board  member  of  the  Illinois  Latino  Association
                            -2-                LRB9113571KBkb
 1    Committee  on  Higher  Education  (ILACHE); she served on and
 2    chaired the Latino Committee on  University  Affairs  (LCUA),
 3    and  the  Chancellor's  Committee  on  the  Status of Latinos
 4    (CCSL); and

 5        WHEREAS, In addition, Hilda Lopez-Arce was  a  member  of
 6    the   National   Association   of   Student   Personnel   and
 7    Administrators  in Higher Education (NASPA); she was a member
 8    and served on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Hispanic
 9    Education Foundation (IHEF), and chaired the IHEF Scholarship
10    Committee; she was a member and the Midwest representative to
11    the  National  Assembly  of  Hispanics  in  Higher  Education
12    Association (NAHHEA); she was a 1996 Fellow for the  National
13    Hispanic   Higher   Education   Policy   Fellows  Program  in
14    Washington, D.C.; she was a member and  past  member  of  the
15    Board  of  Directors  of  the  Hispanic  Alliance  for Career
16    Enhancement (HACE);  she  was  Chair  of  the  University  of
17    Illinois   at   Chicago   Martin  L.  King,  Jr.  Scholarship
18    Committee; and  the  1996  Community  Representative  of  the
19    Mozart Elementary School Council; and

20        WHEREAS,  Hilda  Lopez-Arce  is  survived by her husband,
21    Roberto Arce; her siblings, Merci, Bruni, Gloria, Ali,  Eppi,
22    Albert,  and  Lues; her in-laws, Tyrone, Mariel, and Dey; her
23    nieces and  nephews,  Jose,  Roberto,  Vicky,  Dana,  Daniel,
24    Megan, Travis, Lues, Virginia, and Eppi III; therefore, be it

27    we  mourn,  along  with all that knew her, the death of Hilda
28    Lopez-Arce; and be it further

29        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
30    presented to the family of Hilda Lopez-Arce.

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