State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, On January 30, 2000, the St. Louis Rams, led  by
 3    their  "Gotta  Go To Work" motto and attitude, won Super Bowl
 4    XXXIV in Atlanta, Georgia, over the Tennessee Titans  by  the
 5    final score of 23-16; and

 6        WHEREAS,  The  St. Louis Rams moved from Los Angeles, put
 7    down new roots in the St. Louis/Metro East  region  in  1995,
 8    and  the  people of the area banded together to welcome their
 9    new team; and

10        WHEREAS,  During  the  first  few  years  of   the   Rams
11    organizational  history  in  St. Louis, the team and its fans
12    suffered through the many ups and  downs  of  a  professional
13    football season; and

14        WHEREAS, All during those years the Rams organization and
15    players continued to give back to the local community through
16    volunteer and community based work and programs; and

17        WHEREAS,  In  1999,  the St. Louis Rams embarked on their
18    fifth season in the St. Louis metro area with a new frame  of
19    mind, new team members, a fire in their eyes, and a desire to
20    win and win big; and

21        WHEREAS, With their opening season win over the Baltimore
22    Ravens  by  a  final score of 27-10, the Rams began to embark
23    on, unbeknownst to anyone at that time, a season of  destiny;
24    and

25        WHEREAS,  The  Rams  continued  to  win  and overcome all
26    obstacles that their foes could throw before them,  defeating
27    the  Baltimore  Ravens,  the  Atlanta Falcons, the Cincinnati
28    Bengals, the San Francisco 49ers, the Cleveland  Browns,  the
29    Carolina  Panthers,  the  New  York  Giants,  the New Orleans
30    Saints, and the Chicago Bears; and
                            -2-                LRB9113388CBcb
 1        WHEREAS, The Rams, through all these victories, began  to
 2    inspire  a  winning attitude in the hearts of all the fans of
 3    the Metro East region; and

 4        WHEREAS, The Rams continued to prove to their  fans  that
 5    they  were  contenders,  and  won  the NFC Western Conference
 6    title  convincingly,  and   earned   home   field   advantage
 7    throughout the playoffs; and

 8        WHEREAS,  The  Rams  finished the season with an NFC best
 9    record of 13-3; and

10        WHEREAS,  The  Rams  continued  their  winning  ways   by
11    defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the NFC
12    divisional playoffs by a final score of 49-37; and

13        WHEREAS,  The Rams struggled, but never stopped believing
14    in themselves,  achieving  a  hard  fought  win  in  the  NFC
15    championship  game  over  a  tough  and  resilient  Tampa Bay
16    Buccaneer team, by a final score of 12-6, and became the  NFC
17    champions; and

18        WHEREAS,  The  Rams  headed to the Georgia Dome for Super
19    Bowl XXXIV and a date with the Tennessee Titans and  destiny;
20    and

21        WHEREAS,  On  the last play of the Super Bowl, Linebacker
22    Mike Jones reached down deep inside himself  and  inside  the
23    faith  that his team had in him, giving his all for his team,
24    by making a game saving tackle on the Rams one yard line; and

25        WHEREAS,  In  the  end,  the  phrase  "59  Men  Believed"
26    appeared on the front cover of  newspapers  all  across  this
27    great nation; and

28        WHEREAS,  In  Super Bowl XXXIV, the Rams showed the world
29    that their "never say  die"  spirit  and  their  workmen-like
30    attitude,  drove  them to continue, strive for greatness, and
                            -3-                LRB9113388CBcb
 1    to persevere to win the Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl  XXXIV
 2    over the Titans by a final score of 23-16; and

 3        WHEREAS,  In  achieving this season of greatness, the St.
 4    Louis Rams, their coaching staff, and their players  achieved
 5    numerous  awards  and  recognition, including but not limited
 6    to,  Super  Bowl  XXXIV  MVP  and  NFL  regular  season   MVP
 7    Quarterback  Kurt  Warner;  NFL offensive player of the year,
 8    running back Marshall Faulk; and NFL Coach of the Year,  Head
 9    Coach Dick Vermeil; and

10        WHEREAS,  The Rams sent six starters, wide receiver Isaac
11    Bruce,  offensive  tackle  Orlando  Pace,  quarterback   Kurt
12    Warner,  running  back  Marshall  Faulk,  defensive end Kevin
13    Carter,  and  cornerback  Todd  Lyght;  and   two   reserves,
14    offensive  guard Adam Timmerman and defensive lineman D'Marco
15    Farr, to the Pro Bowl; and

16        WHEREAS, In achieving all these  great  achievements  and
17    more,  the  St. Louis Rams refused to succumb to the negative
18    attacks of the critics  and  refused  to  let  adversity  get
19    between them and their goal to win it all; and

20        WHEREAS,  In  doing so, the members of the St. Louis Rams
21    became shining examples of leadership through adversity,  and
22    true  role  models  for  all  the young men and women and all
23    people of the Metro East region and the  State  of  Illinois;
24    and

25        WHEREAS,  The  St.  Louis Rams collectively redefines and
26    creates a new definition of the word  "champion";  therefore,
27    be it

30    we  congratulate Owner Georgia Frontiere; the Coaching Staff,
31    Head Coach Dick Vermeil, Offensive  Coordinator  Mike  Martz,
                            -4-                LRB9113388CBcb
 1    Defensive Coordinator Peter Giunta, Special Teams Coach Frank
 2    Ganz,  Offensive  Line  Coach  Jim  Hanifan; the players, Ray
 3    Agnew, Taje Allen, Lionel  Barnes,  Dre'  Bly,  Isaac  Bruce,
 4    Devin  Bush,  Ron  Carpenter,  Kevin Carter, Charlie Clemons,
 5    Rich  Coady,  Todd  Collins,  Ernie  Conwell,  D'Marco  Farr,
 6    Marshall  Faulk,  London   Fletcher,   Joe   Germaine,   Mike
 7    Gruttadauria,  Az-zahir  Hakim,  Nate  Hobgood-Chittic, James
 8    Hodgins, Robert Holcombe, Torry Holt, Mike Horan, Tony Horne,
 9    Billy Jenkins, Mike Jones,  Paul  Justin,  Amp  Lee,  Leonard
10    Little,   Todd   Lyght,  Keith  Lyle,  Dexter  McCleon,  Andy
11    McCollum, Fred Miller, Mike Morton, Tom Nutten, Orlando Pace,
12    Troy Pelshak, Ricky Proehl, Jeff  Robinson,  Cameron  Spikes,
13    Lorenzo  Styles,  Chris  Thomas, Adam Timmerman, Ryan Tucker,
14    Kurt Warner,  Justin  Watson,  Jeff  Wilkins,  Jay  Williams,
15    Roland   Williams,  Matt  Willig,  Grant  Wistrom,  and  Jeff
16    Zgonina; and, of course, the fans, for a dream season  and  a
17    job well done; and be it further

18        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
19    presented to Georgia Frontiere, the  entire  St.  Louis  Rams
20    organization,  and  all the players to honor their "never say
21    die" attitude,  their  great  spirit  of  competition,  their
22    dedication  to  team principles, and their great roles in the
23    St. Louis Rams victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.

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