State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House were saddened to  learn
 3    of  the  death of Dr. Arlo L. Schilling of Batavia on Friday,
 4    December 10, 1999; and

 5        WHEREAS, Dr. Schilling was  a  past  president  of  North
 6    Central  College  in Naperville, presiding from 1960 to 1975,
 7    an exceptionally long tenure by today's standards, and guided
 8    the college during a period of extreme  social  and  economic
 9    stress  in  American life; he invited Dr. Martin Luther King,
10    Jr. to the college in 1960; and

11        WHEREAS, He was born in Huntington  County,  Indiana,  on
12    October  13,  1924,  the  son  of  the late Jacob H. and Nova
13    Elnora Rusher Schilling; and

14        WHEREAS, He was a  veteran  of  the  United  States  Army
15    during  World  War II and was the recipient of a Purple Heart
16    with an Oak Leaf cluster; and

17        WHEREAS, Arlo Schilling graduated from Huntington College
18    in  1948  and  received  a  master's  degree   from   Indiana
19    University in 1950; he received a doctoral degree from Purdue
20    University in 1958; and

21        WHEREAS,  He  taught  public  school in Indiana, teaching
22    high school social studies as well as holding the position of
23    principal and assistant superintendent and also  teaching  at
24    Purdue University; and

25        WHEREAS,   Since   leaving  North  Central  College,  Dr.
26    Schilling was awarded an honorary degree,  doctor  of  humane
27    letters,  by  the  college  and was made a life member of the
28    Board of Trustees for the college; and

29        WHEREAS, He also served as president of the Federation of
30    Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities,  chairman  of
                            -2-                LRB9113046CBcb
 1    the  Associated  Colleges  of  Illinois, and president of the
 2    University Senate of the United Methodist Church; and

 3        WHEREAS,  Dr.  Schilling  has  been  an  educational  and
 4    financial planning consultant as well  as  president  of  the
 5    Paramount  Arts Centre Endowment in Aurora; he also served as
 6    vice president and  vice  chairman  for  the  board  for  the
 7    Paramount  Arts Centre Endowment Fund and was a member of the
 8    board of directors of the Aurora Foundation; and

 9        WHEREAS, He served as interim president of  the  Bank  of
10    Fox Valley and the Westmont Bank; he served on the Naperville
11    Bank  board  and  was elected chairman of the board until his
12    second retirement in 1994; and

13        WHEREAS, Dr. Schilling was  the  past  president  of  the
14    board  of  trustees of the Naperville Area YMCA and each year
15    presented the Arlo L. Schilling Leadership Award to the  most
16    deserving  volunteer  in  connection with the Naperville Area
17    YMCA; and

18        WHEREAS,  Dr.  Schilling  was  a  HURRAH  volunteer   for
19    Naperville  School  District  No.  203  and served on several
20    committees  with   regard   to   the   Naperville   Education
21    Foundation; he was a member of the Community United Methodist
22    Church in Naperville and served on its board of trustees; and

23        WHEREAS,  Dr.  Schilling was loved and admired by all who
24    knew him; his wit and good nature will be remembered by  all;
25    and

26        WHEREAS,  His  passing  will be deeply felt by his family
27    and friends, especially his wife, Gloria; his daughters,  Dr.
28    Nancy  Schilling,  Emily  Schilling,  and  Janey  Meyer;  his
29    sons-in-law,  Bruce  Sansone  and Richard Meyer; his brothers
30    and  sisters-in-law,  Harold  H.  Schilling,  Arden  L.   and
31    Jeanette  Schilling,  Paul  M. and Jean Schilling, and Howard
                            -3-                LRB9113046CBcb
 1    and  Donna  Schilling,  Jr.;  and  his  five   grandchildren;
 2    therefore, be it

 5    we  note  with  sorrow  and  regret  the death of Dr. Arlo L.
 6    Schilling and extend our sincere condolences  to  his  family
 7    and friends; and be it further

 8        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 9    presented to his widow, Mrs. Gloria Schilling.

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