State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  Internet  can  be   an   educational   and
 3    entertainment  medium,  it  can  also  pose  great hazards to
 4    children  by  providing  inappropriate  access   to   certain
 5    materials  and  people  that  they  would  be prohibited from
 6    encountering; and

 7        WHEREAS, Estimates show  that  in  May  1997,  nearly  10
 8    million children were online either at home, at school, or in
 9    the community - a five fold increase from fall, 1995; and

10        WHEREAS,  It  is  estimated  that  more  than  45 million
11    children will be online by  the  year  2002,  and  since  the
12    establishment of the "CyberTipline" program, that program has
13    received  more  than  7,000  reports of online enticement and
14    transmission of sexually explicit images, many  resulting  in
15    arrests; and

16        WHEREAS, For the 50 million children now in United States
17    elementary  and  secondary  schools,  27%  of classrooms have
18    Internet access and 78% of schools have some kind  of  access
19    to the Internet; and

20        WHEREAS,  Just  as there are people intent on harming our
21    children at the playground, now there are  people  intent  on
22    harming  our  children  through the Internet in chat rooms by
23    providing access  to  the  sale  of  illegal  ammunition  and
24    weapons and exposing children to hateful propaganda; and

25        WHEREAS,  As  parents,  teachers,  and  mentors,  we must
26    protect our children from information that can harm them  and
27    prohibit  access  to  information that would show them how to
28    harm others; and

29        WHEREAS, It is often possible for someone with the  right
30    tools  and  expertise  to  figure out where a transmission is
31    coming from, and sometimes where the sender is located; and
                            -2-               LRB9106681CBcbB
 1        WHEREAS, Rating systems have been developed  for  movies,
 2    television, and other materials; therefore, be it

 5    there be created a task force to study the establishment of a
 6    website  rating  system  to provide parents and teachers with
 7    the  information  necessary  to   make   informed   decisions
 8    concerning  the  Internet  materials  viewed  and utilized by
 9    children; and be it further

10        RESOLVED, That  the  task  force  shall  consist  of  the
11    Chairperson  and  Spokesperson  from  the  House Committee on
12    Judiciary-1 (Civil Law);  the  Chairperson  and  Spokesperson
13    from   the  House  Committee  on  Computer  Technology;  four
14    appointments each by the Speaker of the House and  the  House
15    Minority  Leader,  who shall be either representatives of the
16    school community or parents  with  school-age  children;  the
17    Superintendent  of the State Board of Education; the Attorney
18    General or his designee; the Governor or  his  designee;  and
19    two  additional  appointments made by the Governor of persons
20    who shall have training in child psychology with emphasis  or
21    training on Internet crimes; and be it further

22        RESOLVED,  That  the task force shall report its findings
23    by January 1, 2000 to  the  Governor,  the  Illinois  General
24    Assembly,   the   Illinois  Attorney  General,  the  Illinois
25    delegates of the United  States  Congress,  and  the  Federal
26    Communications Commission; and be it further

27        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
28    forwarded to the Governor and the Attorney General.

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