State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish  to  congratulate Albert "Bert" Daniels
 4    for being selected as  Grand  Marshal  for  the  81st  Annual
 5    Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade, to be held on May 31, 1999; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Daniels  is  the  proud  father  of  State
 7    Representative  Lee Daniels, as well as seven other children;
 8    he met  his  wife,  Evelyn,  when  they  both  attended  York
 9    Community High School; and

10        WHEREAS,  In  a  ceremony  to  be  held at the end of the
11    parade route, at the Veterans Memorial, Mr. Daniels and three
12    other combat veterans of World War II  will  be  honored  for
13    their  active duty and service to their country; In addition,
14    25  survivors  of  the  Normandy  invasion  will  attend  the
15    ceremony; and

16        WHEREAS, Mr. Daniels attended Michigan State College, now
17    Michigan State University, and graduated  in  1941  from  the
18    School  of  Police  Administration;  in 1943 he made plans to
19    attend the Detroit Law School, but his plans changed when  he
20    was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy; and

21        WHEREAS,  Like  most  young  couples of their generation,
22    Bert and Evelyn had better things to do than fight a war; and

23        WHEREAS, A whole generation shared dreams and aspirations
24    of living the American dream; but history was about to change
25    millions of dreams to nightmares; and

26        WHEREAS, The United States was drawn into war  in  Europe
27    and  in  the  Pacific and Bert Daniels and thousands like him
28    answered the summons of the trumpet; and

29        WHEREAS, Bert Daniels and his generation knew their  duty
30    and  thus  a  whole  generation  of  brave  Americans marched
                            -2-               LRB9106834KBkbA
 1    forward to win the war; and

 2        WHEREAS, Mr. Daniels was first  sent  to  Princeton,  New
 3    Jersey,  for  indoctrination;  he  then reported to the naval
 4    base in San Francisco and after a week went on  to  Honolulu,
 5    where  he  reported  for  duty  to  the USS Frazier DD 607, a
 6    Bristol Class Destroyer; and

 7        WHEREAS, Mr.  Daniels  reported  to  the  ship  at  Pearl
 8    Harbor,  where  he met Captain Fletcher and was assigned as a
 9    communications  officer;  Mr.  Daniels  went   on   to   many
10    encounters  in  the  Pacific,  from surviving three typhoons,
11    mines,  torpedoes,  kamikaze  pilots,  to  escorting  General
12    Douglas MacArthur and the USS Enterprise  in the invasion  of
13    the Philippines; and

14        WHEREAS,  Toward  the  end  of  World War II, Mr. Daniels
15    destroyer was assigned to General MacArthur and  aided  in  a
16    memorial  service  held in Manila Bay as the flagship for the
17    services; Mr. Daniels spent a year and a half  in  the  South
18    Pacific, and was discharged as a lieutenant junior grade; and

19        WHEREAS,  A  recent  book written by Tom Brokaw is titled
20    "The Greatest Generation" in honor of men and women just like
21    Bert and Evelyn Daniels; and

22        WHEREAS, When  the  war  had  been  won,  Bert  and  many
23    thousands  more  just like him left the horror and the losses
24    behind and came home to a hero's welcome; and

25        WHEREAS, Many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines were
26    honored with parades,  while  others  like  Bert  received  a
27    hero's welcome after marching up the sidewalk; and

28        WHEREAS, While Lieutenant J.G. Daniels had been on a ship
29    for  almost  two  years, Evelyn kept his Navy picture clearly
30    displayed, allowing the children, including Lee  A.  Daniels,
31    then three years old, a constant reminder of their dad; and
                            -3-               LRB9106834KBkbA
 1        WHEREAS,  When  Mr.  Bert  Daniels  entered  his  home in
 2    Elmhurst, Evelyn hugged him  and  said  "Children,  daddy  is
 3    home," at which time Lee began to cry and said "You're not my
 4    daddy!"  and,  pointing  at the picture he knew so well, said
 5    "That's my daddy!"; Of course, the photo and the sailor  were
 6    one and the same, but Lee had no memory of his "daddy" except
 7    the picture; and

 8        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Daniels  returned to Elmhurst and finished
 9    his education; he graduated from Kent College, and went on to
10    practice law until 1991; and

11        WHEREAS, Mr. Daniels is a respectable choice to serve  as
12    Grand  Marshal for the Memorial Day Parade; he is a true hero
13    and a man worthy of this honor; therefore, be it

16    we congratulate Mr. Albert Daniels on being selected to serve
17    as Grand Marshal for the 81st Annual  Elmhurst  Memorial  Day
18    Parade; and be it further

19        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
20    presented to Mr. Daniels, along with our sincere regards.

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