State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Hugh E. Muncy dedicated  his  professional  life
 3    spanning  more  than  three  decades in service to the retail
 4    industry in Illinois; and

 5        WHEREAS, Hugh Muncy was born on June  19,  1917;  he  was
 6    graduated  from  Cornell College, Iowa, with majors in speech
 7    and  journalism;  he  received  special  training  in   radio
 8    broadcasting  at the University of Iowa and completed studies
 9    at Northwestern Univrsity's Institute for  Trade  Association
10    Executives; and

11        WHEREAS, He began his long and illustrious career in 1949
12    as  Community  Relations Director of the Illinois Chain Store
13    Council, during which time he brought Illinois retailing into
14    Chicago  public  school  classrooms  by   conducting   retail
15    lectures on WBEZ Radio; and

16        WHEREAS,  He  joined  the  staff  of  the Illinois Retail
17    Merchants Association upon its creation in 1957; and

18        WHEREAS, As a staff executive and  later  during  his  15
19    year  tenure  as the second President of the Association, he,
20    with the guidance  of  members,  Directors,  staff,  and  all
21    Illinoisans,   contributed  immeasurably  to  developing  and
22    managing IRMA's full range of services, fashioning  from  his
23    efforts   one   of   America's   pre-eminent   State   retail
24    associations; and

25        WHEREAS,   In  the  area  of  store  operations,  he  was
26    responsible for  creating  IRMA's  renowned  SELLING  IS  OUR
27    BUSINESS training program, its Unemployment Insurance Manual,
28    and countless seminars and training programs; and

29        WHEREAS,   Under  Hugh's  direction  IRMA  moved  to  the
30    forefront of government relations  in  Illinois  by  creating
31    model  shoplifting  and  bad check prevention laws, replacing
                            -2-                LRB9105838CBcb
 1    the  onerous   personal   property   tax,   and   negotiating
 2    significant compromise in unemployment insurance and workers'
 3    compensation laws; and

 4        WHEREAS,   He   guided  IRMA  to  become  "The  Voice  of
 5    Retailing"  in  Illinois,  encouraging  staff  executives  to
 6    participate in  virtually  every  kind  of  business  meeting
 7    imaginable  to  keep retailing as an industry in front of the
 8    general public, and organizing EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE WEEK to
 9    impress upon the public the significant impact  retail  theft
10    on the economy; and

11        WHEREAS,  He  created  numerous  opportunities  for  IRMA
12    membership investments to more than pay for themselves in the
13    form   of   dollar-saving   bankcard  processing,  insurance,
14    collection and freight auditing services, and  monthly  sales
15    comparison reports; and

16        WHEREAS,  Hugh  Muncy  was known across the United States
17    for the 1,806 RETAIL NEWS BRIEFS newsletters he authored that
18    kept Illinois merchants posted on  the  people,  trends,  and
19    national issues of importance to the industry; and

20        WHEREAS,  Over  the  years, Hugh Muncy has had more ideas
21    than could be considered in  two  lifetimes,  much  less  one
22    distinguished career; therefore, be it

25    we  extend  our sincere condolences upon the death of Hugh E.
26    Muncy to his dear wife, Mary; hs beloved  daughters,  Martha,
27    Sue, and Margie; and their families; and be it further

28        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
29    presented to his widow, Mary Muncy.

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