State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Illinois Association  of  Chiefs  of  Police
 3    awarded Detective Sergeant Michael Tardi of the Hickory Hills
 4    Police  Department the James J. Wade Most Outstanding Officer
 5    Award for exceptional  achievement,  extraordinary  detective
 6    work,   innovation   in  drug  control  and  prevention,  and
 7    represents   the    highest    standard    of    performance,
 8    professionalism, and effectiveness; and

 9        WHEREAS,  This  is the highest and most prestigious award
10    presented by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and
11    is conferred on only one  officer  in  the  entire  State  of
12    Illinois;  it is not necessarily presented annually, but only
13    when an officer passes intensive screening and  is  found  to
14    meet the stringent standards established for the honor; and

15        WHEREAS,  He  began  his  career  in law enforcement as a
16    part-time dispatcher for the Hickory Hills Police  Department
17    in  1978;  shortly  thereafter he joined the Village of Worth
18    Police Department as a part-time police officer; he was hired
19    as  a  full-time  Officer  with  the  Hickory  Hills   Police
20    Department   in  1980;  in  1984,  he  was  assigned  to  the
21    Investigation/Youth Division, where he remains to this  date;
22    he  was promoted to Corporal in 1988 and attended the Federal
23    Bureau of Investigation National Academy in 1989;  from  1992
24    to  1995,  he  was  assigned  to the Metropolitan Enforcement
25    Group of Cook County; on May 1,  1995,  he  was  promoted  to
26    Detective Sergeant; and

27        WHEREAS,  During  his career, Sergeant Tardi has received
28    many commendations, some of  which  include:  the  1986  Cook
29    County  Sheriff's Department "Police Service Award", the 1994
30    Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association "Special  Award  of
31    Honor",  the  1995  U.S.  Customs Service Award; and numerous
32    commendations and letters of commendation  from  the  Hickory
                            -2-                LRB9105615CBcb
 1    Hills  Police  Department  and  from  the  Federal  Bureau of
 2    Investigation, the Metropolitan Enforcement Group,  the  Cook
 3    County  State's  Attorney,  and other public safety agencies;
 4    and

 5        WHEREAS, He has been supported throughout his public  and
 6    private  life by his wife, Carol, and his children, Jonathan,
 7    Daniel, and Stefani; and

 8        WHEREAS, Detective Sergeant Michael Tardi has earned  the
 9    respect  and  admiration of all who work with him; therefore,
10    be it

13    we congratulate Detective Sergeant  Michael  Tardi  on  being
14    given  the  James  J. Wade Most Outstanding Officer Award and
15    extend our best wishes to him  for  the  future;  and  be  it
16    further

17        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
18    presented to Detective Sergeant Michael Tardi.

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