State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish  to  honor  Donald  Fites, Chairman and
 4    C.E.O. of Caterpillar, Inc.; and

 5        WHEREAS, As Chairman and C.E.O.  of  Caterpillar,  Donald
 6    Fites has implemented several strategic initiatives that will
 7    lead  Caterpillar  into  the  next century as a leader in its
 8    field; sales and revenues for the company have  increased  65
 9    percent  to $18.9 billion and profits have increased to $1.67
10    billion; and

11        WHEREAS, In the early 1990s Mr. Fites led the company  in
12    its  restructuring,  achieving  a  greater  return on assets,
13    gaining a  better  use  of  resources,  achieving  a  flatter
14    organization, and having a greater focus on customers; in the
15    1980s,   he   provided   incentive  for  product  and  market
16    innovations,  including   Caterpillar   Logistics   Services,
17    marketer  for  parts distribution to other companies; in 1975
18    he directed a study of engine capacity, setting the company's
19    course for their engine business in the 1990s; and

20        WHEREAS, Mr. Fites became a corporate vice  president  in
21    1981,  an  executive  vice  president  in 1985, a director in
22    1986, and president and chief operating officer in 1989;  for
23    16  years  Mr. Fites worked in overseas management positions,
24    including  positions  in  Southern  Africa,  Central  Europe,
25    Tokyo, Japan,  and Sao Paulo, Brazil; and

26        WHEREAS, Mr. Fites  has  a  Bachelor's  Degree  in  civil
27    engineering  from Valparaiso University and a Master's Degree
28    in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
29    where he was a Sloan  Fellow;  he  was  awarded  an  honorary
30    Doctor  of Laws Degree from Bradley University in 1994 and an
31    honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Valparaiso University  in
32    1998; and
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 1        WHEREAS,   Mr.   Fites   is   a  director  of  the  Mobil
 2    Corporation, the Georgia-Pacific Corporation, and AT&T; he is
 3    a past chairman of the Business  Roundtable,  the  U.S.-Japan
 4    Business Council, the National Foreign Trade Council, and the
 5    Equipment Manufacturers' Institute; and

 6        WHEREAS,   Mr.  Fites  is  a  director  of  the  National
 7    Association of Manufacturers and a  member  of  the  Business
 8    Council,  and  the  President's  Advisory Committee for Trade
 9    Policy  and  Negotiations;  he  was  the  recipient  of   the
10    Consumers for World Trade Annual Award in 1998, was named CEO
11    of the Year by Financial World magazine in 1995; and received
12    the  Salvation  Army's William Booth Award for his dedication
13    to the Salvation Army; and

14        WHEREAS,  Donald  Fites  serves  as  a  trustee  of  Knox
15    College, a director of Valparaiso University, chairman of the
16    World Methodist Council Financial Development Committee,  and
17    Chairman-elect of the Salvation Army National Advisory Board;
18    he  recently  served  as  national chairman of the Centennial
19    Campaign for Bradley University and chairman of  the  Central
20    Illinois Easter Seal Capital Campaign; and

21        WHEREAS,  Donald Fites is a good example of how hard work
22    and commitment to a career can benefit  oneself  and  others;
23    therefore, be it

26    we  honor  Donald  Fites  for  his  service and dedication to
27    Caterpillar, Inc., and the people  of  Illinois;  and  be  it
28    further

29        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
30    presented to Mr. Donald Fites.

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