State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  This  General  Assembly  adopted  Senate  Joint
 3    Resolution 46 on December 2, 1999 to give the Task  Force  on
 4    School  Safety,  initially  created  under Public Act 91-491,
 5    additional time to carry out its work by requiring  the  task
 6    force  to  submit a report by July 1, 2000 instead of January
 7    1, 2000; and

 8        WHEREAS, Additional time is needed to carry out the  work
 9    of the task force; therefore be it

12    SENATE  CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  there  is created the Task
13    Force on School Safety consisting of 2 members of the  Senate
14    appointed  by  the President of the Senate, one member of the
15    Senate appointed by the Minority  Leader  of  the  Senate,  2
16    members  of  the  House  of  Representatives appointed by the
17    Speaker  of  the  House,  one  member   of   the   House   of
18    Representatives  appointed  by  the  Minority  Leader  of the
19    House, 2 regional superintendents of schools appointed by the
20    State Superintendent of  Education,  one  teacher  who  is  a
21    member  of  the Illinois Federation of Teachers and appointed
22    by the State Superintendent of Education, one teacher who  is
23    a  member of the Illinois Education Association and appointed
24    by the State Superintendent of Education, one member  of  the
25    Illinois Sheriffs' Association appointed by the Governor, one
26    member  of the State's Attorneys Association appointed by the
27    Governor,  one  member  of  the  Illinois  Public   Defenders
28    Association  appointed  by  the  Governor,  one member of the
29    Illinois  Violence  Prevention  Authority  appointed  by  the
30    Governor, one member appointed by the Governor, one member of
31    the Illinois Principals Association appointed by the Illinois
32    Principals Association, 2 superintendents of school districts
33    appointed by  the  State  Superintendent  of  Education,  one
                            -2-                LRB9113668NTks
 1    member  of  the  Office  of  the  Illinois  Attorney  General
 2    appointed by the Attorney General, one member of the Illinois
 3    Association  of  Chiefs  of Police appointed by the Governor,
 4    one member of the Department of State Police appointed by the
 5    Governor, and the State Superintendent of  Education  or  the
 6    State  Superintendent  of  Education's  designee;  and  be it
 7    further

 8        RESOLVED, That any appointments made as of May 1, 2000 to
 9    fill any of the positions mentioned in this resolution  shall
10    carry  over  and  remain  in  effect  for the purpose of this
11    resolution; and be it further

12        RESOLVED, That the task force shall meet initially at the
13    call of the Speaker of the House and  the  President  of  the
14    Senate, shall select one member as chairperson at its initial
15    meeting,   shall   thereafter   meet   at  the  call  of  the
16    chairperson, shall identify  and  review  all  school  safety
17    programs  offered  by  schools  and  State  agencies and make
18    recommendations of  successful  programs,  including  without
19    limitation  peer mediation, shall study alternative education
20    programs and their current status, waiting lists, and capital
21    needs,  shall,  in  cooperation  with  the  State  Board   of
22    Education,  develop  uniform  criteria  to  be implemented in
23    school  safety  plans,  shall  make  recommendations  on  the
24    streamlining,  centralization,  and  coordination  of  school
25    safety resources and programs offered  by  various  entities,
26    agencies,  and government units, and shall submit a report on
27    its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly  and
28    the  Governor  by December 31, 2000; and that upon filing its
29    report the task force is dissolved; and be it further

30        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
31    delivered to the President of the Senate, the Minority Leader
32    of  the Senate, the Speaker of the House, the Minority Leader
33    of the House,  the  Governor,  the  State  Superintendent  of
                            -3-                LRB9113668NTks
 1    Education,  the  Illinois  Principals  Association,  and  the
 2    Attorney General.

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