State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Bob Collins grew up  in  Florida,  attended  the
 3    University  of  Florida,  and started his job at WGN radio in
 4    Chicago in 1974; and
 5        WHEREAS, Bob Collins  quickly  became  one  of  America's
 6    premiere  radio  personalities  who  entertained and informed
 7    millions of listeners around the Midwest with  his  sense  of
 8    humor and good-natured common sense, and, with deep affection
 9    was  known to the public as "Uncle Bobby" due to his good and
10    kind-hearted nature; and
11        WHEREAS, he was never afraid to poke fun at himself or at
12    those who took themselves too seriously; and
13        WHEREAS,  Bob  Collins  allowed  thousands   of   common,
14    everyday  people  to express themselves freely, seek and give
15    advice, and try to make the world  a  better  place  to  live
16    through his program on WGN Radio; and
17        WHEREAS,  his  presence  in our homes every morning was a
18    gentle and welcomed respite from life's daily challenges; and
19        WHEREAS, Bob Collins had many elected officials who  were
20    his  friends,  and although he was a strong conservative, his
21    friendships included both Republicans and Democrats; and
22        WHEREAS, Bob Collins was fortunate to  be  married  since
23    June  of  1986  to  Christine  Collins, a native of Elmhurst,
24    Illinois,  who  was  his  constant  companion   and   usually
25    accompanied him on his many adventures and quests; and
26        WHEREAS,  Bob  Collins'  love of life, Christine, and his
27    career was evident and  helped  to  make  him  a  joyful  and
28    welcomed part to the nation's broadcasting scene; and
29        WHEREAS,  Bob  Collins  was  an unabashed believer in the
30    good that  is  within  all  of  us.  And  while  he  traveled
31    extensively, he loved America, loved Illinois, loved Chicago,
32    and felt his job at WGN was the best one in the world; and
33        WHEREAS,  Bob  Collins loved life, fast cars, fast planes
34    and his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycles; and
                            -2-                HRSHJXXXXLADlr
 1        WHEREAS, he was renown for his generosity of time, effort
 2    and spirit in countless charitable causes, he  often  quietly
 3    and  without fanfare helped friends and colleagues behind the
 4    scene simply because he was a man  of  enormous  loyalty  and
 5    generosity; and
 6        WHEREAS,  Bob  Collins' death will be mourned by millions
 7    throughout the nation;
10    SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that we mourn, along with all  that
11    knew  and loved him, the death of Bob Collins as a celebrity,
12    as a man, as a broadcaster, as a husband,  as  an  enthusiast
13    for life, and as an American; and be it further
14        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
15    presented to the  family  of  Bob  Collins,  along  with  our
16    sincere regards.

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