State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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HJ0010 Engrossed                               LRB9100537PTpk

 1                      HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 10

 2        WHEREAS, Illinois' 76,000 farmers  are  the  stewards  of
 3    much of our land base and grow the crops and livestock we all
 4    rely on for food, while maintaining open space, scenic views,
 5    and  wildlife habitat and together comprise Illinois' leading
 6    industry; and

 7        WHEREAS,  In many parts of Illinois prime farmland  faces
 8    intense development pressure; and

 9        WHEREAS,  It  is  critically  important  for  Illinois to
10    develop sound  and  balanced  public  policies  that  address
11    farmland   and   open   space   needs  while  preserving  the
12    availability and affordability of housing for  our  citizens;
13    and

14        WHEREAS,  The development of sound land use, housing, and
15    transportation  policies  would  be  enhanced   by   bringing
16    together  public  officials and private organizations who are
17    dedicated to dealing effectively with these issues; and

18        WHEREAS, Better planning could guide new  development  to
19    locations  where public infrastructure is already in place or
20    nearby, thus reducing damage to the environment  and  helping
21    sustain our rural heritage; therefore be it

24    SENATE  CONCURRING HEREIN, that there is created the Illinois
25    Growth Task Force:
26        (a)  The Task Force consists of at least 12  members  and
27    not  more  than  24 members chosen according to the following
28    requirements:
29             (1)  Six voting members appointed from the House  of
30        Representatives,  with 3 members appointed by the Speaker
31        and 3 members appointed by the Minority Leader;
HJ0010 Engrossed            -2-                LRB9100537PTpk
 1             (2)  Six voting members appointed from  the  Senate,
 2        with  3  members appointed by the President and 3 members
 3        appointed by the Minority Leader;
 4             (3)  Up to 12 non-voting  members   appointed   from
 5        pertinent   fields  or  disciplines  by  the  legislative
 6        members of the Task Force, by  majority  vote,  from  the
 7        following categories:
 8                  (A)  Agriculture;
 9                  (B)  Environment;
10                  (C)  Local government;
11                  (D)  Real estate;
12                  (E)  Regional planning;
13                  (F)  Building trades and construction;
14                  (G)  Business;
15        (b)   A  majority  of  the  legislative  appointees shall
16    select a legislative member of the Task  Force  to  serve  as
17    chairperson;
18        (c)    The   Lieutenant   Governor,   the   Director   of
19    Agriculture,  the Director of Commerce and Community Affairs,
20    the Director of  the  Environmental  Protection  Agency,  the
21    Director   of   Natural   Resources,    the    Secretary   of
22    Transportation, and the  Chairman  of  the  Illinois  Housing
23    Development  Authority,  or  their  designees, shall serve as
24    advisory non-voting delegates to  the Task Force;
25        (d)  The Task Force has the following objectives:
26             (1)  Conduct  a series of public hearings throughout
27        the State to discuss with citizens in  different  regions
28        their  visions    and  plans  for  Illinois  in the  21st
29        Century  with  respect   to   land   use,   housing   and
30        transportation   priorities, and the preservation of open
31        space, farmland, and  natural areas;
32             (2)  Develop   a set of statewide land use, housing,
33        and transportation goals, based  on  the  testimony    of
34        citizens at the task force hearings around Illinois;
HJ0010 Engrossed            -3-                LRB9100537PTpk
 1             (3)    Propose  enabling  legislation  and  identify
 2        revenue sources  and incentives to meet the goals of  the
 3        Task Force;
 4             (4)    Review   existing  State  statutes  affecting
 5        farmland   and   development   to   identify   gaps   and
 6        duplications;
 7             (5)   Review  State  and  regional  land   use   and
 8        transportation policies and priorities to determine their
 9        impact   on   regional  development  patterns,  farmland,
10        agriculture,  open  space,  and  housing,  and  recommend
11        appropriate changes in policy and funding  priorities;
12             (6)  Review State and regional land  use,  planning,
13        and  zoning  policies  to  determine  their    impact  on
14        agriculture,  open  space,  and  housing,  and  recommend
15        appropriate  changes in  policy and funding priorities to
16        promote balanced growth;
17             (7)  Review the   policies  and  programs  of  other
18        states  to    identify  successful legislative and policy
19        initiatives that could be adapted  for Illinois to ensure
20        sustainable growth in the 21st century;
21             (8) Discuss formation of a permanent  working  group
22        or commission  on growth issues, including designation of
23        a lead State agency;
24        (e)  The Task  Force  shall  receive  the  assistance  of
25    legislative  staff,  legislative agencies, and, upon request,
26    private and public organizations;
27        (f)  The members of the Task Force  shall  serve  without
28    compensation but shall be reimbursed for their reasonable and
29    necessary  expenses from funds appropriated for that purpose;
30    and be it further

31        RESOLVED,  That the Illinois Growth Task Force shall meet
32    as soon as possible after at least 9 legislative members have
33    been appointed, shall  hold  public   hearings,   and   shall
34    report   its  findings  and  recommendations  to  the General
HJ0010 Engrossed            -4-                LRB9100537PTpk
 1    Assembly  by  filing a copy of its report with the  Clerk  of
 2    the House and the Secretary  of  the  Senate on or before the
 3    second  Tuesday  of  January  2001;  and that upon filing its
 4    report  the  task  force  is dissolved.

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