State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1        AN  ACT  in  relation  to  training  and technology grant
 2    programs.

 3        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:

 5        Section  5.   The  Department  of  Commerce and Community
 6    Affairs Law of the Civil Administrative Code of  Illinois  is
 7    amended  by  changing  Sections 605-355, 605-800, and 605-805
 8    and by adding Sections 605-807 and 605-808 as follows:

 9        (20 ILCS 605/605-355) (was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part)
10        Sec. 605-355.  Grants for  research  and  development  in
11    high technology and service sectors.
12        (a)  The  Department is authorized to establish a program
13    of  grants  to  universities,  community  colleges,  research
14    institutions,  research  consortiums,  other   not-for-profit
15    entities,   and   Illinois  businesses  for  the  purpose  of
16    fostering research and development in the high technology and
17    the service sector leading to the development of new products
18    and services that can be marketed by Illinois businesses. All
19    grant awards shall include a contract that  may  provide  for
20    payment  of  negotiated  royalties  to  the Department if the
21    product  or  service  to  be  developed  by  the  grantee  is
22    subsequently licensed for production.
23        (b)  Grants may be awarded to universities  and  research
24    institutions  to  assist  them  in making their faculties and
25    facilities available to Illinois businesses. The  grants  may
26    be  used by a university or research institution for purposes
27    including but not limited to the following: (i) to  establish
28    or  enhance  computerized cataloging of all research labs and
29    university staff  and  make  those  catalogues  available  to
30    Illinois businesses; (ii) to market products developed by the
31    university   to   Illinois   businesses;   (iii)   to  review
                            -2-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1    publications  in  order  to  identify,  catalog,  and  inform
 2    Illinois  businesses  of  new  practices  in  areas  such  as
 3    robotics, and biotechnology, and e-commerce; (iv) to build an
 4    on-line, information and technology  system  that  relies  on
 5    other  computerized networks in the United States; and (v) to
 6    assist in securing temporary replacement for faculty who  are
 7    granted a leave of absence from their teaching duties for the
 8    purpose  of  working  full-time  for  an Illinois business to
 9    assist that business with technology transfer.
10        (c)  Grants may be awarded to universities  and  research
11    institutions,  research consortiums, and other not-for-profit
12    entities  for  the  purpose  of  identifying  and  supporting
13    Illinois businesses engaged in high  technology  and  service
14    sector  enterprises.  The  Illinois businesses identified and
15    funded shall include recipients of Small Business  Innovation
16    Research  Program  funds under subsections (e) through (k) of
17    Section  9  of  the  Small  Business  Act  (15  U.S.C.   638,
18    subsections (e) through (k)). Entities receiving grants under
19    this  subsection  (c)  shall  be  known  as commercialization
20    centers and shall engage in one  or  more  of  the  following
21    activities:
22             (1)  Directing  research  assistance for new venture
23        creations.
24             (2)  General  feasibility  studies  of  new  venture
25        ideas.
26             (3)  Furthering  the  technical   and   intellectual
27        skills  of  the  managers  and  owners  of Illinois small
28        businesses.
29             (4)  Commercialization of technology and research.
30             (5)  Development  of  prototypes  and  testing   new
31        products.
32             (6)  Identifying    and    assisting   in   securing
33        financing.
34             (7)  Marketing assistance.
                            -3-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1             (8)  Assisting   Illinois   inventors   in   finding
 2        Illinois  manufacturers  to  produce  and  market   their
 3        inventions.
 4        A  commercialization  center  may charge a nominal fee or
 5    accept royalty agreements for conducting feasibility  studies
 6    and other services.
 7        (d)  Grants  may be awarded by the Department to Illinois
 8    businesses to fund  research  and  consultation  arrangements
 9    between  businesses  and  universities,  community  colleges,
10    research   institutions,   research  consortiums,  and  other
11    not-for-profit entities within this State.
12        The Department shall  give  priority  to  Illinois  small
13    businesses  in awarding grants. Each grant awarded under this
14    subsection (d) shall provide funding for up  to  50%  of  the
15    cost  of  the  research  or consultation arrangements, not to
16    exceed $100,000; provided that the grant  recipient  utilizes
17    Illinois not for profit research and academic institutions to
18    perform the research and development function for which grant
19    funds were requested.
20        (e)  Grants  may  be  awarded to research consortiums and
21    other  qualified  applicants,  in  conjunction  with  private
22    sector or federal funding, for other  creative  systems  that
23    bridge  university  resources  and  business,  technological,
24    production, and development concerns.
25        (f)  For the purposes of this Section:
26        "High   technology"   means   any  area  of  research  or
27    development  designed  to   foster   greater   knowledge   or
28    understanding   in   fields   such   as   computer   science,
29    electronics,  physics,  chemistry, or biology for the purpose
30    of producing designing, developing, or  improving  prototypes
31    and new processes.
32        "Illinois  business"  means a "small business concern" as
33    defined  in  15    U.S.C.  632  that  conducts  its  business
34    primarily in Illinois.
                            -4-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1        "Illinois research institutions" refers to not-for-profit
 2    entities,  which      include   federally   funded   research
 3    laboratories,   that   conduct   research  and    development
 4    activities  for  the   purpose   of   producing,   designing,
 5    developing,  or improving prototypes and new processes.
 6        "Other    not-for-profit    entities"   means   nonprofit
 7    organizations based in  Illinois that are  primarily  devoted
 8    to new enterprise or product  development.
 9        "Private  sector"  has  the  meaning ascribed to it in 29
10    U.S.C. 1503.
11        "University" means either a degree  granting  institution
12    located  in  Illinois as defined in Section 2 of the Academic
13    Degree  Act,  or  a  State-supported  institution  of  higher
14    learning  administered  by  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  the
15    University of Illinois, the Board  of  Trustees  of  Southern
16    Illinois  University,  the Board of Trustees of Chicago State
17    University,  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  Eastern   Illinois
18    University,   the   Board  of  Trustees  of  Governors  State
19    University,  the  Board  of  Trustees   of   Illinois   State
20    University,  the  Board  of Trustees of Northeastern Illinois
21    University,  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  Northern  Illinois
22    University,  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  Western   Illinois
23    University, or the Illinois Community College Board.
24        "Venture" means any Illinois business engaged in research
25    and  development to create new products or services with high
26    growth potential.
27        (g)  The Department may  establish  a  program  of  grant
28    assistance  on  a  matching  basis to universities, community
29    colleges,  small  business  development  centers,   community
30    action agencies and other not-for-profit economic development
31    agencies  to  encourage  new  enterprise  development and new
32    business formation  and  to  encourage  enterprises  in  this
33    State.   The  Department  may  provide grants, which shall be
34    exempt  from   the   provisions   of   Section   35-360,   to
                            -5-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1    universities,  community colleges, small business development
 2    centers, community action agencies, and other  not-for-profit
 3    economic development entities for the purpose of making loans
 4    to  small  businesses.   All grant applications shall contain
 5    information as required  by  the  Department,  including  the
 6    following:   a  program  operation  plan; a certification and
 7    assurance that the small business  applicants  have  received
 8    business  development  training or education, have a business
 9    and  finance  plan,  and  have  experience  in  the  proposed
10    business area; and a description of the support services that
11    the grant recipient will provide to the small  business.   No
12    more than 10% of the grant may be used by the grant recipient
13    for  administrative  costs  associated with the grant.  Grant
14    recipients may use grant funds under  this  program  to  make
15    loans on terms and conditions favorable to the small business
16    and  shall  give priority to those businesses located in high
17    poverty areas, enterprise zones, or both.
18    (Source: P.A. 90-454, eff. 8-16-97; 91-239, eff. 1-1-00.)

19        (20 ILCS 605/605-800) (was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part)
20        Sec. 605-800.  Training grants  for  skills  in  critical
21    demand.
22        (a)  Grants  to  provide  training  in fields affected by
23    critical demands for certain skills may be made  as  provided
24    in this Section.
25        (b)  The  Director  may make grants to eligible employers
26    or to other eligible  entities  on  behalf  of  employers  as
27    authorized   in   subsection  (c)  to  provide  training  for
28    employees in fields for which there are critical demands  for
29    certain skills.
30        (c)  The  Director  may  accept applications for training
31    grant funds and grant requests from:  (i) entities sponsoring
32    multi-company eligible employee training projects as  defined
33    in subsection (d), including business associations, strategic
                            -6-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1    business  partnerships,  institutions  of secondary or higher
 2    education,   large   manufacturers   for   supplier   network
 3    companies,   federal    Job    Training    Partnership    Act
 4    administrative   entities  or  grant  recipients,  and  labor
 5    organizations  when  those  projects  will   address   common
 6    training  needs  identified  by  participating companies; and
 7    (ii)  individual  employers  that  are  undertaking  eligible
 8    employee training projects  as  defined  in  subsection  (d),
 9    including  intermediaries  and  training  agents;  and  (iii)
10    individual employers in manufacturing, manufacturing-related,
11    technology,  or technology-related fields employing less than
12    200 full-time employees.
13        (d)  The Director may make grants to eligible  applicants
14    as  defined  in subsection (c) for employee training projects
15    that include, but need not be limited to, one or more of  the
16    following:
17             (1)  Training   programs   in  response  to  new  or
18        changing technology being introduced in the workplace.
19             (2)  Job-linked training that offers special  skills
20        for  career  advancement  or that is preparatory for, and
21        leads directly to, jobs with  definite  career  potential
22        and long-term job security.
23             (3)  Training  necessary  to implement total quality
24        management  or  improvement  or   both   management   and
25        improvement systems within the workplace.
26             (4)  Training  related to new machinery or equipment
27        being installed in the workplace.
28             (5)  Training of employees  of  companies  that  are
29        expanding  into  new  markets  or  expanding exports from
30        Illinois.
31             (6)  Basic, remedial, or  both  basic  and  remedial
32        training   of  employees  as  a  prerequisite  for  other
33        vocational or technical skills training or as a condition
34        for sustained employment.
                            -7-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1             (7)  Self-employment training of the unemployed  and
 2        underemployed    with   comprehensive,   competency-based
 3        instructional  programs  and  services,   entrepreneurial
 4        education  and  training  initiatives for youth and adult
 5        learners in cooperation with the Illinois  Institute  for
 6        Entrepreneurial   Education,   training   and  education,
 7        conferences, workshops, and best practice information for
 8        local program operators of entrepreneurial education  and
 9        self-employment training programs.
10             (8)  Other  training activities or projects, or both
11        training activities and projects, related to the support,
12        development, or  evaluation  of  job  training  programs,
13        activities,  and  delivery  systems,  including  training
14        needs assessment and design.
15        (e)  Grants  shall  be  made  on the terms and conditions
16    that the Department shall  determine.  No  grant  made  under
17    subsection (d), however, shall exceed 50% of the direct costs
18    of all approved training programs provided by the employer or
19    the  employer's  training agent or other entity as defined in
20    subsection (c).  Under this Section, allowable costs include,
21    but are not limited to:
22             (1)  Administrative costs of tracking,  documenting,
23        reporting,  and  processing  training  funds  or  project
24        costs.
25             (2)  Curriculum development.
26             (3)  Wages and fringe benefits of employees.
27             (4)  Training  materials,  including  scrap  product
28        costs.
29             (5)  Trainee travel expenses.
30             (6)  Instructor   costs,   including  wages,  fringe
31        benefits, tuition, and travel expenses.
32             (7)  Rent, purchase, or lease of training equipment.
33             (8)  Other usual and customary training costs.
34        (f)  The Director will  ensure  that  a  minimum  of  one
                            -8-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1    on-site grant monitoring visit is conducted by the Department
 2    either  during  the  course  of  the grant period or within 6
 3    months following the end of the grant period.  The Department
 4    shall verify that the grantee's financial  management  system
 5    is  structured to provide for accurate, current, and complete
 6    disclosure of the financial results of the grant  program  in
 7    accordance   with   all  provisions,  terms,  and  conditions
 8    contained in the grant contract.
 9        (g)  The Director may establish and collect a schedule of
10    charges from subgrantee entities and other system users under
11    federal or State-supported  training  job-training  programs,
12    federal  or  State-supported technology programs, or both for
13    participating in and  utilizing  the  Department's  automated
14    job-training    program    information   systems   or   other
15    specialized,  extraordinary  services  if  the  systems   and
16    services  and the necessary participation and utilization are
17    requirements of the federal or State training  or  technology
18    job-training  programs.  All moneys monies collected pursuant
19    to this subsection shall be deposited into the  Training  and
20    Technology Federal Job-Training Information Systems Revolving
21    Fund created in Section 605-805 35-805.
22    (Source:  P.A.  90-454,  eff.  8-16-97;  91-239, eff. 1-1-00;
23    91-476, eff. 8-11-99; revised 10-20-99.)

24        (20 ILCS 605/605-805) (was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part)
25        Sec.   605-805.  Training    and    Technology    Federal
26    Job-Training  Information  Systems  Revolving Fund.  There is
27    hereby created a special fund in the  State  treasury  to  be
28    known  as  the  Training  and Technology Federal Job-Training
29    Information Systems Revolving Fund.  The  deposit  of  monies
30    into  this fund shall be limited to the collection of charges
31    pursuant to subsection (g) of Section 605-800.  The monies in
32    the  fund  may  be  used  by  the  Department,   subject   to
33    appropriation  by  the General Assembly, only for the purpose
                            -9-                LRB9113281MWgc
 1    of financing the maintenance and operation of  the  automated
 2    Training  and  Technology  Federal  Job-Training  Information
 3    Systems or other specialized, extraordinary services pursuant
 4    to subsection (g) of Section 605-800.
 5    (Source: P.A. 90-454, eff. 8-16-97; 91-239, eff. 1-1-00.)

 6        (20 ILCS 605/605-807 new)
 7        Sec.   605-807.  Technology  and  manufacturing  training
 8    vouchers.
 9        (a)  The Director is authorized  to  establish,  operate,
10    and maintain a system of job-linked educational and technical
11    training  vouchers issued to qualified institutions on behalf
12    of    employees    of     technology,     technology-related,
13    manufacturing, or manufacturing-related companies which, upon
14    redemption, shall defray part of the tuition and fee expenses
15    for qualified educational and technical training programs.
16             (1)  All  benefits  provided in this Section must be
17        in the  form  of  tuition  or  educational  fee  vouchers
18        redeemable   by  a  qualified  educational  or  technical
19        training entity for reimbursable  services  performed  by
20        the  entity  on  behalf  of the individual presenting the
21        voucher.
22             (2)  Each tuition or educational  fee  voucher  must
23        state  on  its  face  the  value  of  the voucher and the
24        conditions to be met for partial or full redemption.
25             (3)  Each tuition or educational  fee  voucher  must
26        refer to all provisions, rules, and regulations governing
27        the  proper use of the voucher and all penalties that may
28        result  in  the  event  the   voucher  is  not  used   in
29        accordance with those provisions, rules, and regulations.
30        (b)  An  employee  is  entitled to receive benefits under
31    this Section if it is determined that:
32             (1)  the individual is an employee  of  an  eligible
33        company and employed in the State of Illinois;
                            -10-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1             (2)  the  employee  has  enrolled  in  a  job-linked
 2        program  at  a qualified institution or training provider
 3        that has been certified by the Department as eligible for
 4        reimbursement for the acquisition  of  additional  skills
 5        relevant to the employer's need by means of individual or
 6        multi-course  programs or certifications that may contain
 7        educational or technical components; and
 8             (3)  the employee (i) has not been  issued  vouchers
 9        in  the  maximum  amount  authorized under subsection (c)
10        within  the   24   months   previous   to   the   pending
11        determination of eligibility for benefits and (ii) is not
12        receiving funds for the educational or technical training
13        programs from another State or federally-funded program.
14        (c)  An individual who claims benefits under this Section
15    and  who is entitled to receive benefits under subsection (b)
16    may  receive  vouchers.  The aggregate value of the vouchers,
17    for the 12 months commencing on the first  day  of  the  week
18    during  which  a  claim  is  made,  may not exceed 50% of the
19    aggregate  costs  for  tuition  or  other  educational   fees
20    eligible  for  payment  under  rules of the Department. In no
21    event, however, may  the  aggregate  value  of  the  vouchers
22    issued  together  with all such vouchers issued within the 24
23    months previous to the determination  of  eligibility  exceed
24    $3,000.
25        No  person may receive vouchers under this Section unless
26    funds have been appropriated or otherwise made available  for
27    the purposes of this Section during the fiscal year.
28        A  voucher  is  deemed  to  be received by the individual
29    making a claim for benefits under this Section  at  the  time
30    the  Department  delivers the voucher to the entity providing
31    qualified  educational  or   technical   training   services.
32    Delivery  of  a  voucher  by  the  Department  to  a training
33    provider is the same as though the individual on whose behalf
34    the voucher is made delivered the voucher himself or herself.
                            -11-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1    A voucher may not be issued for any qualified claim after  52
 2    weeks  after the first day of the week during which the claim
 3    is made and for educational or  technical  training  services
 4    that are not completed before 92 weeks after the first day of
 5    the week during which the claim is made.
 6        (d)  An   individual  entitled  to  benefits  under  this
 7    Section must apply the benefits toward defraying the cost  of
 8    qualified   job-linked   educational  or  technical  training
 9    programs that will help qualify the individual to meet his or
10    her employer's skill needs.
11        Upon  becoming  admitted  to   a   qualified   job-linked
12    educational or technical training program, the individual may
13    cause  the  entity  that  operates  the program to notify the
14    Department  of  the  individual's  admission,  the  cost   of
15    participation in the program, the courses of instruction that
16    comprises the program, and the term periods of the program.
17        Upon  receiving  the  notice described in this subsection
18    and conducting any other  investigations  it  determines  are
19    necessary to make certain the individual is qualified and has
20    been   admitted  to  a  qualified  educational  or  technical
21    training program, the Department shall  immediately  issue  a
22    voucher  in  the  appropriate  amount.   The  voucher must be
23    delivered to the  entity  providing  the  qualified  training
24    program.   A  copy  of  the voucher shall be delivered to the
25    individual receiving benefits  and to his  or  her  employer.
26    Upon  receipt  of  the  voucher, the entity shall deliver the
27    voucher to the State Comptroller who shall draw a warrant  on
28    the  State  Treasurer for payment to the training entity from
29    the Department's appropriations.
30        (e)  The Department must, on or before the  beginning  of
31    each  fiscal  year,  publish  a  list  of  qualified training
32    courses,  training  programs,  and  training  providers.  The
33    training must  be provided by an educational, vocational,  or
34    technical  training  institution  that is located in Illinois
                            -12-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1    and that is (i) operated by a public school  as  provided  in
 2    the  School Code or by a public community college as provided
 3    in the Public Community College Act, (ii) operated,  publicly
 4    or  privately,  on a not-for-profit basis and meets standards
 5    substantially equivalent to those of comparable  institutions
 6    operated by this State or by public community colleges, (iii)
 7    operated  by  a college or any business, trade, technical, or
 8    vocational school that  is  recognized  or  accredited  by  a
 9    recognized    national   or   multi-state   organization   or
10    association that regularly recognizes or  accredits  colleges
11    or  schools,  or (iv) operated by a public or private company
12    or  training  entity  that  can  provide  industry-recognized
13    technical training  resulting  in  portable  or  transferable
14    skills or certifications to the employee of direct benefit to
15    the employee's current employer. The Department may amend the
16    published   list  of  qualified  training  courses,  training
17    programs, and training  providers  at  any  time  during  the
18    course of the State fiscal year in response employer demand.

19        (20 ILCS 605/605-808 new)
20        Sec.  605-808.  School-to-work  grants.  The Director may
21    make  grants  to  support  innovative  programs  that  foster
22    school-to-work efforts.  In making these  grant  awards,  the
23    Director  shall give priority consideration to those projects
24    with demonstrated employer involvement  and  commitment  that
25    address  critical current or projected future skill shortages
26    in the workforce that are hindering or have the potential  to
27    hinder  the  Department's  economic  development  activities.
28    Grant  funds may be used for, but are not necessarily limited
29    to, the following:
30             (1)  New program development  activities,  including
31        skill standards development.
32             (2)  Curriculum development.
33             (3)  Career and industry awareness.
                            -13-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1             (4)  Educator industry awareness workshops.
 2             (5)  Professional development days for teachers.
 3             (6)  Student support mechanisms, stipends, or both.
 4             (7)  Student work-site experience stipends.
 5             (8)  Skill  aptitude  tests,  assessment  tests,  or
 6        both.
 7             (9)  Administrative  costs  of  a  project,  not  to
 8        exceed  15%  of  the total grant award including indirect
 9        costs.
10             (10)  Other usual and customary costs.

11        Section 10. The  Prairie  State  2000  Authority  Act  is
12    amended by adding Section 1.5 as follows:

13        (20 ILCS 4020/1.5 new)
14        Sec.  1.5.  Transfer  to  the  Department of Commerce and
15    Community Affairs. All obligations of the Prairie State  2000
16    Authority  that are outstanding on the effective date of this
17    amendatory Act of the 91st General Assembly  are  transferred
18    to  the  Department  of  Commerce and Community Affairs.  Any
19    appropriations made to the Authority that are  unexpended  on
20    the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 91st General
21    Assembly  are  transferred  to the Department of Commerce and
22    Community Affairs.
23        Moneys remaining in the Prairie State 2000  Fund  on  the
24    effective  date  of  this  amendatory Act of the 91st General
25    Assembly may  be  used,  subject  to  appropriation,  by  the
26    Department of Commerce and Community Affairs.

27        Section 15.  The State Finance Act is amended by changing
28    Section 5.195 as follows:

29        (30 ILCS 105/5.195) (from Ch. 127, par. 141.195)
30        Sec.  5.195.   The  Training  and  Technology Federal Job
                            -14-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1    Training Information Systems Revolving Fund.
 2    (Source: P.A. 84-1124.)

 3        (20 ILCS 605/605-360 rep.)
 4        Section 20.  The Department  of  Commerce  and  Community
 5    Affairs  Law  of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
 6    amended by repealing Section 605-360.

 7        (20 ILCS 4020/2 rep.)
 8        (20 ILCS 4020/3 rep.)
 9        (20 ILCS 4020/4 rep.)
10        (20 ILCS 4020/7 rep.)
11        (20 ILCS 4020/8 rep.)
12        (20 ILCS 4020/9 rep.)
13        (20 ILCS 4020/10 rep.)
14        (20 ILCS 4020/11 rep.)
15        (20 ILCS 4020/12 rep.)
16        (20 ILCS 4020/13 rep.)
17        (20 ILCS 4020/14 rep.)
18        (20 ILCS 4020/15 rep.)
19        (20 ILCS 4020/16 rep.)
20        (20 ILCS 4020/17 rep.)
21        (20 ILCS 4020/18 rep.)
22        (20 ILCS 4020/19 rep.)
23        (20 ILCS 4020/22 rep.)
24        Section 25. The  Prairie  State  2000  Authority  Act  is
25    amended  by  repealing Sections 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
26    13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 22.

27        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
28    becoming law.
                            -15-               LRB9113281MWgc
 1                                INDEX
 2               Statutes amended in order of appearance
 3    20 ILCS 605/605-355       was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part
 4    20 ILCS 605/605-800       was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part
 5    20 ILCS 605/605-805       was 20 ILCS 605/46.19a in part
 6    20 ILCS 605/605-807 new
 7    20 ILCS 605/605-808 new
 8    20 ILCS 4020/1.5 new
 9    30 ILCS 105/5.195         from Ch. 127, par. 141.195
10    20 ILCS 605/605-360 rep.
11    20 ILCS 4020/2 rep.
12    20 ILCS 4020/3 rep.
13    20 ILCS 4020/4 rep.
14    20 ILCS 4020/7 rep.
15    20 ILCS 4020/8 rep.
16    20 ILCS 4020/9 rep.
17    20 ILCS 4020/10 rep.
18    20 ILCS 4020/11 rep.
19    20 ILCS 4020/12 rep.
20    20 ILCS 4020/13 rep.
21    20 ILCS 4020/14 rep.
22    20 ILCS 4020/15 rep.
23    20 ILCS 4020/16 rep.
24    20 ILCS 4020/17 rep.
25    20 ILCS 4020/18 rep.
26    20 ILCS 4020/19 rep.
27    20 ILCS 4020/22 rep.

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