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91st General Assembly

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HB4265 Engrossed                              LRB9108848NTksD

 1        AN ACT concerning career scholarships.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  1.    Short title.  This Act may be cited as the
 5    Illinois Career Scholarship Act.

 6        Section 5.  Purpose.   The  General  Assembly  finds  and
 7    declares  that  the  State  of Illinois and its citizens will
 8    benefit greatly from a highly  skilled  workforce  that  will
 9    meet  the  technological  needs  of the twenty-first century.
10    The need for skilled workers has  been  growing  at  an  ever
11    increasing rate, resulting in shortages of skilled workers in
12    some  occupations.   The  State  of  Illinois  recognizes its
13    responsibility to  ensure  that  all  Illinois  citizens  can
14    pursue  educational  and  training  opportunities  that  will
15    enable  them to benefit fully from the economic system of the
16    next century.
17        While the State of Illinois  appropriately  devotes  many
18    resources  each  year toward degree seeking students enrolled
19    in higher education, it is similarly important that the State
20    encourage  non-baccalaureate  degree  seeking   students   to
21    successfully  graduate from high school and receive some form
22    of post-secondary education or training.   Consequently,  the
23    intention  of  this  Act is to encourage high school students
24    not seeking a  baccalaureate  degree  to  nonetheless  obtain
25    their high school diplomas and subsequently pursue additional
26    career  training.   The  Illinois Career Scholarship program,
27    therefore, is designed to provide those high school  students
28    not seeking a baccalaureate degree with a financial incentive
29    to pursue alternative post-secondary training opportunities.

30        Section 10.  Definitions.  As used in this Act:
HB4265 Engrossed            -2-               LRB9108848NTksD
 1        "Commission"   means   the  Illinois  Student  Assistance
 2    Commission.
 3        "Eligible program"  means  a  program  certified  by  the
 4    Illinois  Workforce  Investment  Board  or an occupational or
 5    vocational  program  certified  by  the  Illinois   Community
 6    College  Board, the State Board of Education, or the Board of
 7    Higher Education.
 8        "Eligible Tech Prep program" means a  program  of  study,
 9    developed  by secondary schools, post-secondary institutions,
10    and private sector businesses, approved by the State Board of
11    Education, and implemented at the secondary school level  and
12    continuing  at a post-secondary institution, that consists of
13    a sequence of courses in one of the following career interest
14    areas:  (i) agriculture and natural resources, (ii) arts  and
15    communications,  (iii)  business and administrative services,
16    (iv) health care, (v) human  and  family  services,  or  (vi)
17    industrial  and  engineering  technology,  leading to related
18    meaningful employment.
19        "Illinois Career Scholarship" means a non-renewable award
20    payable to a participating institution on behalf of the award
21    recipient, as provided under Section 20 of this Act.
22        "Jobs for Illinois Graduates program" means an  in-school
23    program  of  study,  affiliated  with  the  federal  Jobs for
24    America's  Graduates,  approved  by  the   State   Board   of
25    Education,  and  implemented  at  the secondary school level,
26    that  is  designed  to  help  Illinois'  youth  at  risk   of
27    underemployment  and  unemployment  make  the transition from
28    high school to work and that is required to adopt  the  model
29    program  components  and  standards  of employability skills,
30    career development skills, job attainment, job survival,  and
31    basic  competency  skills to help ensure successful placement
32    upon high school graduation.
33        "Participating institution"  means  an  institution  that
34    operates   an  eligible  program  at  which  Illinois  Career
HB4265 Engrossed            -3-               LRB9108848NTksD
 1    Scholarship recipients are enrolled.

 2        Section 15.  Creation of the Illinois Career  Scholarship
 3    program.   There  is  created  an Illinois Career Scholarship
 4    program to be administered by the Commission.  The Commission
 5    shall receive initial and subsequent State appropriations for
 6    distribution  to   eligible   Illinois   Career   Scholarship
 7    applicants.   The  Commission  also shall receive appropriate
 8    annual State appropriations for  program  administration  and
 9    shall  be  responsible  for  developing  and implementing any
10    rules necessary  for  the  efficient  administration  of  the
11    program.

12        Section  20.  Awards.   Illinois  Career Scholarships are
13    $1,000  non-renewable  awards,  payable  to  a  participating
14    institution  on  behalf  of  the  award  recipient   in   one
15    disbursement.    The   Commission  shall  ensure  that  these
16    scholarships are disbursed no later than  the  close  of  the
17    academic   term  during  which  the  recipient  is  currently
18    enrolled in an approved course of study.

19        Section 25.  Eligibility; insufficient appropriation.
20        (a)  An  eligible  applicant  for  an   Illinois   Career
21    Scholarship  shall  be a resident of this State and a citizen
22    or permanent resident of the United States under the  age  of
23    21  years who (i) as an eligible applicant, has made a timely
24    application  to  the  Commission  for  an   Illinois   Career
25    Scholarship,  (ii)  has successfully completed the program of
26    instruction  at  any  high  school  either  approved  by   or
27    registered  with  the State Board of Education and located in
28    this State, and (iii) enrolls or is enrolled, within 6 months
29    after the applicant's high school graduation, in an  approved
30    program  of  career instruction at an educational institution
31    or other organization authorized to provide such  instruction
HB4265 Engrossed            -4-               LRB9108848NTksD
 1    under this Act.
 2        Withdrawal by an award recipient from an approved program
 3    that  results  in  a  full  refund  of  the  Illinois  Career
 4    Scholarship  award  shall  not  result in disqualification of
 5    that student from future eligibility to receive  an  Illinois
 6    Career Scholarship.
 7        (b)  In the event that an appropriation to the Commission
 8    for  the  purposes  of  this  Act  is insufficient to provide
 9    Illinois Career Scholarships to all eligible applicants, then
10    the Commission shall allocate the appropriation in accordance
11    with this Section.   First  preference  for  Illinois  Career
12    Scholarship  awards shall be provided to those applicants who
13    have completed  the  Jobs  for  Illinois  Graduates  program.
14    Second  preference  for  Illinois  Career  Scholarship awards
15    shall be provided to those applicants who  have  participated
16    in  an  eligible  Tech  Prep program offered to Illinois high
17    school students.  Third preference shall be accorded  to  all
18    other eligible applicants.
19        For the purposes of this Section, no later than July 1 of
20    each  calendar  year,  the  State  Board  of  Education shall
21    provide to the Commission an approved list of  eligible  Jobs
22    for  Illinois  Graduates  programs  and  Tech  Prep  programs
23    operating within the State during the previous academic year.

24        Section   25.  Program  management.   The  Commission  is
25    responsible  for  administration  of  the   Illinois   Career
26    Scholarship  program.   Upon  notification  of  the  eligible
27    recipient's  enrollment  in an eligible program of study, the
28    Commission shall disburse  the  Illinois  Career  Scholarship
29    award  directly to the participating institution on behalf of
30    the student, with the amount being credited to the  student's
31    account   for   the   purpose  of  paying  for  any  approved
32    educational expense.  An "approved educational  expense"  for
33    the  purpose  of this Act is any expense approved by Title IV
HB4265 Engrossed            -5-               LRB9108848NTksD
 1    of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965.  These  expenses
 2    shall  be  deemed  approved  regardless of whether or not the
 3    Illinois Career Scholarship recipient is currently  receiving
 4    federal Title IV funds.
 5        Illinois  Career  Scholarship  awards  shall be disbursed
 6    subject  to  guidelines  and  processes  established  by  the
 7    Commission.    These   guidelines   may   include,    without
 8    limitation,  timing of disbursements, proration for less than
 9    full-time  enrollment,  and  refunds   due   based   upon   a
10    recipient's withdrawal from an approved course of study.
11        Illinois  Career  Scholarship  awards may be applied only
12    toward eligible programs.  For the purposes of this  Section,
13    no  later  than  July  1  of each calendar year, the Illinois
14    Workforce Investment Board, the State Board of Education, the
15    Illinois Community College Board, and  the  Board  of  Higher
16    Education shall provide to the Commission an approved list of
17    eligible  programs.  The Illinois Workforce Investment Board,
18    the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community  College
19    Board,  and  the  Board  of Higher Education shall notify the
20    Commission throughout the year if any such programs have been
21    de-certified during the course  of  the  academic  year  and,
22    therefore,  are no longer eligible to receive Illinois Career
23    Scholarship funds.
24        Participating institutions shall be subject to Commission
25    audit procedures regarding the receipt  and  distribution  of
26    State funds.

27        Section   30.  Program   evaluation.   An  evaluation  to
28    determine if  the  Illinois  Career  Scholarship  program  is
29    achieving the goals and objectives enumerated in Section 5 of
30    this   Act  shall  be  conducted  by  the  Commission.   This
31    evaluation shall reference the first 3 years experience  with
32    the  program  and  shall  be completed no later than April 1,
33    2004.  When conducting this evaluation, the Commission  shall
HB4265 Engrossed            -6-               LRB9108848NTksD
 1    solicit   official   commentary   from  the  State  Board  of
 2    Education,  the  Illinois  Workforce  Investment  Board,  the
 3    Illinois Community College Board, and  the  Board  of  Higher
 4    Education  as  part of this evaluation.  The Commission shall
 5    present  this  program  evaluation  to  the   Governor,   the
 6    President  of  the  Senate,  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of
 7    Representatives,  the  Minority  Leader  of  the  Senate, the
 8    Minority Leader of the House of  Representatives,  the  State
 9    Superintendent  of  Education,  the Executive Director of the
10    Board of Higher Education, and the Executive Director of  the
11    Illinois Community College Board.

12        Section  35.  Other  scholarships,  grants,  or  monetary
13    assistance.    Receipt  of  an  Illinois  Career  Scholarship
14    authorized by this Act shall not  in  any  way  preclude  the
15    recipient   from   receiving  other  scholarship,  grant,  or
16    monetary assistance awarded by the Commission.

17        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act  takes  effect  on
18    July 1, 2000.

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