State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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HB2732 Enrolled                                LRB9104805PTpk

 1        AN ACT to amend the Senior Citizens and Disabled  Persons
 2    Property  Tax  Relief  and  Pharmaceutical  Assistance Act by
 3    changing Section 3.09.

 4        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 5    represented in the General Assembly:

 6        Section  5.   The  Senior  Citizens  and Disabled Persons
 7    Property Tax Relief  and  Pharmaceutical  Assistance  Act  is
 8    amended by changing Section 3.09 as follows:

 9        (320 ILCS 25/3.09) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 403.09)
10        Sec. 3.09.  "Property taxes accrued" means the ad valorem
11    property  taxes  extended  against  a residence, but does not
12    include special assessments, interest or charges for service.
13    In the case of real estate improved with a  multidwelling  or
14    multipurpose  building,  "property  taxes  accrued"  extended
15    against a residence within such a building is an amount equal
16    to  the  same percentage of the total property taxes extended
17    against that real estate as improved  as  the  value  of  the
18    residence  is  to  the  total  value of the building.  If the
19    multidwelling  building  is   owned   and   operated   as   a
20    cooperative,  the  value  of  an  individual residence is the
21    value of the interest in the cooperative held by the owner of
22    record of the legal  or  equitable  interest,  other  than  a
23    leasehold  interest,  in  the  cooperative  which confers the
24    right to occupy that residence. In determining the amount  of
25    grant under Section 4 for 1976 and thereafter, the applicable
26    "property  taxes  accrued", as determined under this Section,
27    are those payable or paid in the last preceding taxable year.
28        In addition, if the residence is a mobile home as defined
29    in and subject to the tax imposed by the  Mobile  Home  Local
30    Services  Tax  Act  "An Act to provide for a privilege tax on
31    mobile homes", approved  August  28,  1973,  "property  taxes
HB2732 Enrolled             -2-                LRB9104805PTpk
 1    accrued" includes the amount of privilege tax paid during the
 2    calendar  year  for which benefits are claimed under that Act
 3    on that mobile home. Beginning in taxable year 1999,  if  (i)
 4    the  residence  is  a  mobile  home, (ii) the resident is the
 5    record owner of the property upon which the  mobile  home  is
 6    located,  and  (iii)  the  resident  is  liable for the taxes
 7    imposed under the Property Tax Code for both the mobile  home
 8    and  the property, then "property taxes accrued" includes the
 9    amount of property taxes paid on both the mobile home and the
10    property upon which the mobile home is located.
11    (Source: P.A. 79-1049; revised 10-31-98.)

12        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
13    becoming law.

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