State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT to provide for  the  deposit  and  expenditure  of
 2    funds  received from settlement of litigation against tobacco
 3    companies.

 4        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 5    represented in the General Assembly:

 6        Section  5.   The  State Finance Act is amended by adding
 7    Sections 5.490 and 6z-43 as follows:

 8        (30 ILCS 105/5.490 new)
 9        Sec. 5.490.  The Tobacco Settlement Recovery Fund.

10        (30 ILCS 105/6z-43 new)
11        Sec. 6z-43. Tobacco Settlement Recovery Fund.
12        (a) There is created in the State Treasury a special fund
13    to be known as the  Tobacco  Settlement  Recovery  Fund  into
14    which  shall  be  deposited  all  monies  paid  to  the State
15    pursuant to (1) the Master Settlement  Agreement  entered  in
16    the case of People of the State of Illinois v. Philip Morris,
17    et al. (Circuit Court of Cook County, No. 96-L-13146) and (2)
18    any  settlement  with or judgment against any tobacco product
19    manufacturer other  than  one  participating  in  the  Master
20    Settlement Agreement in satisfaction of any released claim as
21    defined  in  the  Master Settlement Agreement, as well as any
22    other moneys as  provided  by  law.   All  earnings  on  Fund
23    investments shall be deposited into the Fund.
24        (b)  The   moneys   deposited  into  the  Fund  shall  be
25    appropriated for the following purposes:
26             (1)  To  fund  a  comprehensive   statewide   public
27        information and enforcement campaign to eliminate teenage
28        smoking  and  tobacco  use by distributing grants, either
29        directly or indirectly, to  the  appropriate  private  or
30        public entities.
                            -2-               LRB9102903SMdvA
 1             (2)  To  finance coordinated smoking and tobacco use
 2        prevention and cessation programs to assist  people  with
 3        their addiction to tobacco.
 4             (3)  To   fund   research  and  prevention  programs
 5        related to cancer and other diseases that  resulted  from
 6        tobacco use or exposure to second-hand smoke.
 7             (4)  To  pay  all  or  part of the cost of providing
 8        health  care  services  or  health  benefit  coverage  to
 9        persons in this State  for  smoking  or  tobacco  related
10        illnesses.
11             (5)  To  expand  funding  for  the Office of Women's
12        Health to provide research and education  on  the  effect
13        that   smoking   and   tobacco  have  on  women's  health
14        including, but not limited to, cancer, heart disease, and
15        osteoporosis.

16        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
17    becoming law.

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