90th General Assembly
Summary of HB3359
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NOTICE TO APPEAR-FINGERPRINT                                               

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Criminal Identification Act and the Code  of  Criminal      
   Procedure of 1963.  Provides that a notice to appear issued instead of      
   an  arrest  shall  be  treated  as  an arrest.  Provides that with the      
   approval of the Department of State Police, an agency issuing  notices      
   to  appear for certain offenses may enter into arrangements with other      
   agencies for the  purpose  of  obtaining  fingerprints,  charges,  and      
   descriptions  at  or  before  the  person's  first  court  appearance.      
   Provides  that  for  certain  offenses,  the  court  shall order a law      
   enforcement agency to fingerprint all  persons  appearing  before  the      
   court  who  have  not previously been fingerprinted for the same case.      
   Provides that a notice to appear for certain  offenses  shall  request      
   that  the person report to a law enforcement agency for fingerprinting      
   at  a  designated  time  and  place  before  or  at  the  first  court      
Last action on Bill: SESSION SINE DIE

   Last action date: 99-01-12

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   0     SENATE -   0


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