State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The  Senate  has  indeed  been  honored  by  the
 3    inclusion  within  its  membership  of  individuals  who have
 4    brought distinction to and a compassion for the well being of
 5    the people of the State of Illinois; and
 6        WHEREAS, Senator  Earlean  Collins  was  elected  to  the
 7    Illinois  Senate of the 80th General Assembly and immediately
 8    began  a  career  marked  by  numerous  firsts:   the   first
 9    African-American  woman  to serve in the Illinois Senate, the
10    first woman to serve as an Assistant Majority Leader, and  in
11    1994,  the first African-American woman to win the nomination
12    for Statewide office as the Democratic  candidate  for  State
13    Comptroller; and
14        WHEREAS,   Senator  Collins  developed  an  expertise  in
15    numerous public policy areas and applied her versatile skills
16    to enact significant reforms in laws affecting  children  and
17    families,  economic development, job creation, and education;
18    and
19        WHEREAS, Senator Collins was the  chief  sponsor  of  the
20    Earnfare  program, an innovative welfare reform program which
21    assists welfare recipients entering the work force; she  also
22    sponsored   legislation   establishing   the   Job   Training
23    Partnership Act, the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, the
24    Youth  Education Incentive Employment Program, the Child Care
25    Training Institute, and the  Homeless  Shelter  Program;  she
26    sponsored legislation which assists in the reduction of child
27    abandonment and was the principal co-sponsor of the Women and
28    Minority Business Assistance Program and the Illinois Housing
29    Trust Program; and
30        WHEREAS,  In addition to serving as an Assistant Majority
31    Leader, Senator Collins has served as the Chairperson of  the
32    Committee on Transportation and Chairperson for the Committee
                            -2-                LRB9013632KBkb
 1    on  Labor  and  Commerce;  she  has served as a member of the
 2    Committees on Revenue and Education, and as a member  of  the
 3    Legislative  Audit  Commission  and  the  Economic and Fiscal
 4    Commission; and
 5        WHEREAS, Senator Collins will missed  by  this  body  not
 6    only  for  her  work on behalf of public policy, but also for
 7    her genuine concern for the people of the State  of  Illinois
 8    as  evidenced  by  her  work  with  numerous charities, civic
 9    groups, and disaster relief, such as her efforts on behalf of
10    the victims of the Mississippi River flood in 1993; and
11        WHEREAS, The Senate career of Senator Earlean Collins  is
12    being  brought  to a close by her election as a member of the
13    Cook County Board, to which she will bring  her  considerable
14    experience  and  energy  to the benefit of the people of Cook
15    County; and
16        WHEREAS, The retirement of Senator Earlean Collins  marks
17    the  end  of a career dedicated to the hard work of resolving
18    the problems that face every citizen of Illinois;  therefore,
19    be it
21    OF  THE  STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,  that  we hereby offer our best
22    wishes to our colleague  Senator  Earlean  Collins  upon  her
23    retirement  from  this  body  and  offer  her our hope for an
24    equally successful career as a  member  of  the  Cook  County
25    Board; and be it further
26        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of  this preamble and
27    resolution be presented to Senator Earlean Collins as a token
28    of our appreciation  for  her  twenty-two  years  of  honored
29    membership in this body.

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