State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express  their  sincere sympathy to the family and friends of
 4    Howard Brian Patterson, who passed away on May 9, 1998; and
 5        WHEREAS, Howard Brian Patterson was born on June 7,  1957
 6    to  Howard  and  Maude  Green  Patterson;  he  was  the first
 7    grandson on the maternal  side  of  the  family  for  several
 8    generations; and
 9        WHEREAS, Howard Brian Patterson was baptized in the Roman
10    Catholic  Church at St. Dorothy's Church; he attended Ruggles
11    Elementary School and Mendel Catholic High School,  where  he
12    participated  in  football and many school clubs; he attended
13    Lewis University in Joliet, Illinois where he was one of  the
14    founders  of  the  Iota  Lamleda  Chapter  of Kappa Alpha Psi
15    Fraternity; and
16        WHEREAS, Howard Brian Patterson joined the Chicago Police
17    Department in 1985, following in his father's  footsteps;  he
18    received  several  citations for outstanding work including a
19    Department Commendation and a Department  Life-Saving  Award;
20    his  current assignment was as a school officer, where he was
21    a role  model  for  young  people;  he  had  previously  been
22    assigned  in  the  Gang  Crimes South Unit and in the Seventh
23    District; and
24        WHEREAS,  Howard  Brian  Patterson   belonged   to   many
25    organizations,  including: the Fraternal Order of Police, St.
26    Jude's League, the Illinois  Patrolmen's  Association,  Kappa
27    Alpha  Psi  Fraternity, and Masonic Lodge Hiram 12-28, Modern
28    Free and Accepted Masons of the World, Inc. where  he  was  a
29    Master Mason; and
30        WHEREAS,   He  married  his  childhood  friend,  Jeanette
31    Burrell in 1997; to this union Howard Brandon  Patterson  was
                            -2-                LRB9012304KBkb
 1    born; and
 2        WHEREAS,  Howard Brian Patterson is survived by his wife,
 3    Jeanette Burrell; his children,  Ivory  Michelle  and  Howard
 4    Brandon;  his  stepchildren,  Shawanaki  (Nike) Wade, Tiffany
 5    Mildred Gills, and Joshua Louis Gills;  his  parents,  Howard
 6    and Maude Patterson; his grandmother, Zirta Green; his uncle,
 7    Roosevelt  Patterson;  his  sister, Angela Brazien Patterson;
 8    his aunts, Maxine Leslie and Joyce Madison; his great  aunts,
 9    Vera  DesVerney, Ella (Jessie) Bunche, Clara Thomas, and Etta
10    Houston; his nine inseparable first cousins; and  many  other
11    relatives and friends; therefore, be it
13    OF  THE  STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,  that  we mourn, along with his
14    family and friends, the death of Howard Brian Patterson;  may
15    they find comfort in this time of loss; and be it further
16        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
17    presented to the family of Howard Brian Patterson.

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