State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Since 1995, the South  Shore  Islamic  Community
 3    Center, located at 2672 E. 75th Street, has worked to improve
 4    life  for  the  community of South Shore, and for the City of
 5    Chicago as well; and
 6        WHEREAS, Formally a tavern called the  "Bird  Cage",  the
 7    home  to the Community Center was purchased by Imam Sidney R.
 8    Sharif and his wife Esther D. Sharif; with hard work and only
 9    their money, the  Sharif's  converted  the  building  into  a
10    valued  part  of the community; the City of Chicago razed two
11    buildings next to the Center, making  the  neighborhood  feel
12    more comfortable for visitors to the Community Center; and
13        WHEREAS,  The  Center  provides  a  safe  and comfortable
14    atmosphere for prayer and meditation; the Center  provides  a
15    food  giveaway  each  year; the Center sponsors a free summer
16    lunch program for needy children; and successfully  sponsored
17    one  of the most Safe Night city-wide celebrations in 1996, a
18    program helping families  and  friends  with  their  children
19    celebrate the new year without drugs or alcohol; and
20        WHEREAS,   The   South  Shore  Islamic  Community  Center
21    sponsors programs that aid in the clean-up of the  community;
22    the  Center  sponsors  a  community service program for youth
23    through the Juvenile Courts Probation department;  they  have
24    established the Youth for Community Awareness and Development
25    Team,  or "Youth Cad";  they have sponsored educational trips
26    for children to various institutions throughout  the  Chicago
27    area,  including  DePaul  University;  and  have  made  their
28    community  more  aware of gangs, drugs, and domestic violence
29    issues by setting up counseling in these areas; therefore, be
30    it
32    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that  we  salute  the  South  Shore
                            -2-               LRB9007260KBkbA
 1    Islamic Community Center for their great work in making their
 2    community a better place to live; and be it further
 3        RESOLVED,  That  we  declare  November  1, 1997 to be the
 4    South Shore Islamic Community Center Day; and be it further
 5        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 6    presented to South Shore Islamic Community Center.

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