State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, For over 100 years the Schmidt family  has  been
 3    involved in the farm implement business; and
 4        WHEREAS, The business actually began when Richard Schmidt
 5    emigrated  to  Atlanta,  Illinois,  from  Germany in 1881 and
 6    began to work for Mr. Demer Rhodes, the local blacksmith; and
 7        WHEREAS, Two events occurred which would set  the  course
 8    for  the business; in 1898 Richard bought the blacksmith shop
 9    and his son, Paul A. Schmidt, was born; and
10        WHEREAS, In 1926, Richard died and his  son,  Paul,  took
11    over  the  company;  that  same  year Paul Schmidt signed his
12    first contract with J.I. Case Company, the  beginning  of  72
13    years of continuous service to the local farm community; and
14        WHEREAS,  In  1928,  a  son was born to Paul and his wife
15    Ruth, Richard E. Schmidt, the third generation of Schmidts to
16    continue on with the business; and
17        WHEREAS, Under Dick Schmidt's  management,  the  business
18    changed  from  a  blacksmith shop selling some machinery to a
19    farm machinery dealership doing some blacksmith work; and
20        WHEREAS, In 1954, the future fourth  generation  to  take
21    over the business was born, Steven Paul Schmidt; and
22        WHEREAS,  Schmidt  Implement  Company was formed in 1970;
23    and
24        WHEREAS, Steven P. Schmidt joined the family business  in
25    1976;  the  same  year  a  new  building  was  constructed to
26    accommodate the growing business; and
27        WHEREAS, In 1977, Michael Schmidt was born to Steven; the
28    fifth generation of Schmidts had arrived; and
29        WHEREAS,  The  business  continued  to  flourish  and  on
                            -2-               LRB9011412CBcbA
 1    November 1, 1987, two Logan  County  farm  equipment  dealers
 2    joined   forces,   Schmidt  Implement  Company  and  Marcotte
 3    International, Inc., causing the opening of Schmidt-Marcotte,
 4    Inc.; and
 5        WHEREAS, William Marcotte  brought  to  the  business  21
 6    years  of  association with International Harvester products;
 7    and
 8        WHEREAS,  The  company  further  enhanced  their  central
 9    Illinois leadership in agriculture implement sales by merging
10    with Evans Implement of Lawndale; and
11        WHEREAS, With the merger, David Evans joined the Schmidts
12    and Bill Marcotte as a third business partner; and
13        WHEREAS, Steve Schmidt is the President,  Bill  Marcotte,
14    the   vice-president,   and   Dave  Evans  the  treasurer  0f
15    Schmidt-Marcotte, Inc.,  which  currently  employs  30  local
16    individuals; and
17        WHEREAS, A celebration marking their 100 years of service
18    will  be  held  in  Atlanta at the business on July 25, 1998;
19    therefore, be it
22    congratulate Schmidt-Marcotte, Inc. for their  100  years  of
23    service to the farming community; and be it further
24        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
25    presented to Steven P. Schmidt, President,  Schmidt-Marcotte,
26    Inc.

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