State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The  institution  of  marriage  is  one  of  the
 3    cornerstones  upon which our society is built, and a marriage
 4    that has achieved a notable longevity is truly  a  model  for
 5    the people of the State of Illinois; and
 6        WHEREAS,  It  has come to our attention that Mr. and Mrs.
 7    John H. Lurquin of Oak  Lawn  are  celebrating  the  fiftieth
 8    anniversary of their marriage; and
 9        WHEREAS,   John   and  Bernadette  were  married  at  St.
10    Willebrord's Church in Green  Bay,  Wisconsin  on  August  8,
11    1948,  and have renewed their vows at St. Linus Church in Oak
12    Lawn, Illinois; and
13        WHEREAS, They are the  loving  parents  of  the  thirteen
14    "J's": Judith Marie, John James, James Michael, Joseph Peter,
15    Jean  Ann, Jerome Thomas, Jane Louise, Jeffrey Alan, Jennifer
16    Odile, Jay Matthew, Joyce  Elizabeth,  Joel  Henry,  and  Jan
17    Carol;  they  are  the  affectionate  in-laws of Dom, Bonnie,
18    Anna, Rick, Lori, Nancy, Todd, Mary Beth,  David,  and  Beth;
19    they  are  the  proud  grandparents  of  Tina,  Mark,  Bryan,
20    Michael,  Julie,  John, Peter, Erik, Kimberly, Lori, Mellisa,
21    Katie, Nicholas, Michelle, Tristan, Dane, Mary Anne,  Amelia,
22    Brian,  and  Michael;  and  the  proud  great-grandparents of
23    Alexis; and
24        WHEREAS, John has had a rewarding career as an industrial
25    arts teacher, cabinet maker, and father; Bernadette has had a
26    rewarding career as a registered  nurse,  domestic  engineer,
27    and just plain mom; and
28        WHEREAS,  John  and  Bernadette  were  one  of  the seven
29    founding families of St. Linus Catholic Church; and
30        WHEREAS, The respect for  marriage  reaches  one  of  its
31    highest  plateaus  when  a couple such as John and Bernadette
                            -2-                LRB9011531KBkb
 1    celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary; and
 2        WHEREAS, They stand  as  examples  of  the  best  of  our
 3    society,  and  their  love  and devotion to each other and to
 4    their family and friends serve as a reminder to all that hard
 5    work, dedication, and love can make a difference  in  today's
 6    world; therefore, be it
 9    congratulate  John  and Bernadette Lurquin on the occasion of
10    their 50th wedding anniversary;  that  we  commend  them  for
11    achieving  a  long  and happy marriage, blessed with thirteen
12    children, twenty  grandchildren,  one  great-grandchild,  and
13    rich  in  friendships; we wish them happiness and good health
14    in the future; and be it further
15        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
16    presented to them as an expression of our respect and esteem.

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