State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, More than 300,000 children in  Illinois  do  not
 3    have basic health insurance because their parents do not have
 4    jobs that include affordable health care benefits, or because
 5    they  are  not  currently  covered by other private or public
 6    assistance programs;  and
 7        WHEREAS, The  problem  of  uninsured  children  has  been
 8    considered  by  the  88th, 89th, and 90th General Assemblies,
 9    but no legislation has yet been enacted into law to expand or
10    extend coverage to needy families; and
11        WHEREAS, The  U.S.  Congress  passed  and  the  President
12    signed  into  law  the  "Balanced  Budget  Act of 1997" (P.L.
13    105-33), which included provisions for funding  a  new  State
14    Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) under a new Title
15    XXI of the federal Social Security Act, and $20.3 billion was
16    authorized  for  this purpose for at least 5 years to provide
17    funds to the several states for the provision  of  children's
18    health  insurance  under  programs  and  plans  designed  and
19    administered by the states; and
20        WHEREAS, The formula for allocating the federal funds for
21    children's  health  insurance  provides  approximately $122.6
22    million annually to Illinois, but requires a State  match  in
23    the approximate amount of $66 million in State funds; and
24        WHEREAS,  If Illinois elects to participate under the new
25    State Children's Health Insurance  Program,  it  must  obtain
26    federal  approval  of a plan to qualify for federal financial
27    participation under Title XXI of the Social Security Act; and
28        WHEREAS, The new law authorizes the  State  to  implement
29    various  options  regarding  the  type  of program, method of
                            -2-                LRB9007719KBkb
 1    administration, type and scope of benefits, eligibility, cost
 2    sharing by participants, and evaluation; and
 3        WHEREAS,  There  is  widespread  support  for   Illinois'
 4    immediate  implementation  of  a  children's health insurance
 5    program under the provisions  of  Title  XXI  of  the  Social
 6    Security Act; therefore be it
 9    that  the  Illinois  Department  of  Human  Services  and the
10    Illinois  Department  of  Public  Aid  collaborate   in   the
11    development  of  a  State  plan to implement Title XXI of the
12    federal Social  Security  Act,  and  that  in  so  doing  the
13    agencies  may exercise options that will implement an interim
14    plan  that  will  ensure  immediate  coverage  of  additional
15    children from low income families, while  working  towards  a
16    more  comprehensive  plan  that may further expand and extend
17    coverage to the  fullest  extent  possible  within  available
18    federal funds; and be it further
19        RESOLVED,  That  in  the  process of developing the State
20    plan, the Secretary of Human Services  and  the  Director  of
21    Public  Aid  shall jointly establish a Children's Health Care
22    Task Force composed of child health experts and advocates and
23    representatives of appropriate State  agencies,  the  General
24    Assembly,  health  care providers, and insurers; and the task
25    force shall  study  and  propose  methods  to  extend  health
26    coverage  to  uninsured,  low  income  children utilizing the
27    benefits available under Title  XXI  of  the  federal  Social
28    Security  Act;  the  task  force  shall advise the department
29    regarding the State plan to implement a  State  Child  Health
30    Insurance Program; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9007719KBkb
 1        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Departments of Human Services
 2    and  Public  Aid  seek  public  review  and  comment  in  the
 3    development of any interim and final plan that will implement
 4    a  children's  health  insurance  plan under Title XXI of the
 5    Social Security Act; and be it further
 6        RESOLVED, That a final plan for  implementing  children's
 7    health  insurance  under Title XXI of the Social Security Act
 8    be submitted to the 90th  General  Assembly  by  February  1,
 9    1998,   together   with  any  necessary  recommendations  for
10    legislation   that   will   ensure   State   compliance   and
11    implementation by July 1, 1998.

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