State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, Cooperation between and transfers between  METRA
 3    Commuter  Rail and Chicago Transit Authority Rapid Transit is
 4    a laudable goal; and
 5        WHEREAS, METRA rail lines run in close proximity  to  CTA
 6    Rapid  Transit rail lines at each of the following locations:
 7    1800 W. Addison, 1800 W. Montrose, 1800 W. Irving Park,  5600
 8    W. Lake, 3500 S. Wentworth, 2900 S. Ashland, 2400 S. Halsted,
 9    and 3500 S. Archer; and
10        WHEREAS,  CTA  operates  a  rapid transit rail station at
11    each of these eight locations; and
12        WHEREAS, Passengers have no way to transfer  between  CTA
13    and  METRA  at  any  of  these  eight locations because METRA
14    trains do not stop at any of them; and
15        WHEREAS, The  ability  to  transfer  could  increase  the
16    number  of  riders  on  both  METRA  and CTA lines as well as
17    increasing riders' convenience; and
18        WHEREAS,  The  ability  to  transfer  will   allow   city
19    residents to travel to jobs in suburban locations; and
20        WHEREAS, The ability to transfer would make it easier for
21    suburbanites to reach city locations, thus increasing farebox
22    revenue to both METRA and CTA; and
23        WHEREAS,  The  ability  to  transfer will bring sales and
24    jobs to local communities where the new  transfers  would  be
25    created; and
26        WHEREAS, The ability to transfer will increase the number
27    of  riders  on  both CTA and METRA rail lines by reducing the
28    number of times some riders  must  transfer  to  reach  their
29    destination; and
                            -2-                LRB9005434KBkb
 1        WHEREAS,  The  ability to transfer would assist riders to
 2    and from major travel destinations, including Wrigley  Field,
 3    Comiskey  Park,  the  Illinois  Institute  of Technology, and
 4    Midway Airport; and
 5        WHEREAS,  The  ability  to  transfer   would   create   a
 6    convenient  form  of  mass  transit for baseball fans and air
 7    travelers; and
 8        WHEREAS, Travelers departing Amtrak or  METRA  at  Summit
 9    (the  closest  station  to  Midway),  cannot  transfer to the
10    Orange Line which ends at Midway; and
11        WHEREAS,  A  system  of   parking   permits   and   other
12    restrictions  currently  limit  available  vehicle parking in
13    neighborhoods surrounding Wrigley Field  and  Comiskey  Park;
14    and
15        WHEREAS,  The  Illinois  Institute  of  Technology  is  a
16    prestigious 102-year old engineering school at 35th Street on
17    a  120  acre campus to which 1/3 of the students commute with
18    no access to commuter rail; and
19        WHEREAS,  The  ability  to  transfer  at  any  of   these
20    locations  would  relieve  traffic  and parking congestion in
21    Chicago; therefore, be it
24    respectfully request that METRA, the Regional  Transportation
25    Authority,  the  Chicago  Area  Transportation Study, and the
26    Northeastern   Illinois   Planning   Commission   study   the
27    feasibility of creating a part-time or full-time METRA  train
28    stop  at  four  of  the  eight locations with emphasis on the
29    following locations: Addison & Union Pacific  Railroad  North
30    Line  (Near  Wrigley  Field);  35th  & Rock Island Rail (Near
31    Comiskey Park); 35th & Heritage  Corridor  Line  (For  Midway
                            -3-                LRB9005434KBkb
 1    Airport); and Central & Lake; and be it further
 2        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
 3    delivered to the Chair of METRA's Board, to the Chair of  the
 4    Regional  Transportation  Authority,  to  the  Chair  of  the
 5    Chicago  Transit  Authority, to the Executive Director of the
 6    Chicago Area Transportation Study, and to  the  President  of
 7    the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission.

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