State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                       HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives and the Illinois Senate are saddened to learn
 4    of the death of their friend, Representative Terry Deering of
 5    DuBois, Illinois; and
 6        WHEREAS,  State  Representative Terry Deering was born on
 7    November 7, 1958; he was a lifetime  resident  of  Washington
 8    County; and he went to Nashville Community High School; and
 9        WHEREAS,  As  a  young  man,  Terry Deering married Reita
10    Peradotta; together they had three lovely children:  Greyson,
11    Clayton, and Allyssa; and
12        WHEREAS, People who knew Terry Deering knew that he was a
13    Southern  Illinoisan  through and through; it was no surprise
14    when he joined many other young men in the 1970's and went to
15    work in the coal mines; as a result, he learned early in life
16    about the importance of  coal  to  the  economy  of  Southern
17    Illinois; it was a lesson he never forgot; and
18        WHEREAS,  As  a young man, Terry also respected the value
19    of public service; he was only twenty years old when  he  was
20    elected  to his very first office, Trustee for the Village of
21    DuBois; one year later, Terry  became  Mayor;  for  the  next
22    twelve  years  he  earned  the  respect  of  his community by
23    fighting for its interests, and never forgetting  the  people
24    who elected him; and
25        WHEREAS,  When  Terry  made the decision to run for State
26    Representative in 1990, none of the "political experts"  gave
27    him  much  of a chance of winning; Terry was such a long shot
28    that the party leaders gave him only $800  to help  with  his
29    campaign;  but  Terry  prevailed  by  bringing  his trademark
30    commitment and dedication to that campaign;  he  relentlessly
31    traveled  from  door-to-door,  and  got  his  votes  the  old
                            -2-               LRB9005907KBkbA
 1    fashioned way, by earning every single one; and
 2        WHEREAS, On election night, the people in Springfield did
 3    not  know  that  Terry had won his seat; when they learned of
 4    his shocking victory, they realized that they  did  not  have
 5    his  phone number so they could call to congratulate him; but
 6    they did find him, congratulated him, and were faced with his
 7    wicked sense of humor when he asked, with  a  straight  face,
 8    "Who's Mike Madigan?"; and
 9        WHEREAS,  Terry  arrived  in  Springfield,  bringing  his
10    Southern  Illinois roots with him; he immediately established
11    himself as an expert  on  clean  coal  technology  and  other
12    energy  issues;  he  understood  that  keeping  the  Southern
13    Illinois  coal  industry  vital  was  the key to his region's
14    economic health; he fought hard for legislation that  ensured
15    safe  working conditions for mine workers; and he battled for
16    tax credits for the research of new coal technologies; and
17        WHEREAS,  Terry  was  a  relentless  advocate  for   good
18    government;  shortly  after arriving in the State Capitol, he
19    led the charge for an emergency audit of  the  Department  of
20    Children  and  Family  Services;  the waste and mismanagement
21    that was uncovered sparked several legislative reforms of the
22    agency; and his efforts eventually earned him a  position  as
23    Co-Chairman of the Legislative Audit Commission, allowing him
24    to continue his fight for accountable State government; and
25        WHEREAS,   Terry   fought   to   build  new  markets  for
26    agriculture by  promoting  legislation  that  required  State
27    vehicles  to  run on ethanol, which would increase demand for
28    Illinois  corn  products;  as  the  Chairman  for  the  House
29    Transportation Committee, he was able to fight  for  improved
30    roads in Southern Illinois, bringing millions of dollars back
31    to his region for State road projects; and
32        WHEREAS,  Despite  his  hard  work  and tireless efforts,
                            -3-               LRB9005907KBkbA
 1    Terry never forgot about  his  family  and  friends,  and  he
 2    quickly  became  known  for his generosity; when session days
 3    went long and ran into the late evening  hours,  Terry  would
 4    call  his  children  every night from the House floor; it did
 5    not matter if tensions were high  or  tempers  were  flaring,
 6    colleagues  nearby  were  always  treated  to  Terry  and his
 7    children discussing a  television  episode  of  "Hee-Haw"  or
 8    "Green  Acres";  and  his  colleagues  were astonished at his
 9    ability to recite lines from memory for his children from any
10    episode of those shows; and
11        WHEREAS, When the Great Flood of 1993  caused  widespread
12    damage   to  his  district,  he  joined  thousands  of  other
13    volunteers to fill and  carry  sandbags,  and  help  evacuate
14    people  at  risk;  and  he  worked  with  State  and  federal
15    government to get important disaster relief; and
16        WHEREAS, During his time in the House of Representatives,
17    Terry  became  quickly known for his ability to make friends,
18    have fun, and  always  take  time  to  ensure  everyone  felt
19    included;  his  reputation for being the center of attention,
20    as well as his size, earned him the nickname "Big  Cat";  Big
21    Cat  was  always ready with a joke; he played the drums while
22    his father played the accordion, made up songs, and loved  to
23    make  people  laugh;  he  loved  to  cook  for  his  friends,
24    sponsoring   annual   parties   for   staff  and  friends  in
25    Springfield; he was always the chef, cooking hundreds of pork
26    chops, and supplying food and drink at his  own  expense;  he
27    bent  over  backwards  for people in need and showed his deep
28    generosity at every turn; and
29        WHEREAS, People  who  first  glimpsed  Terry  were  often
30    astonished  at  his  size; his appearance was large and often
31    intimidating; upon his arrival in Springfield, he  was  often
32    asked  how  tall he was, and his reply was always that he was
33    "bigger than most"; and
                            -4-               LRB9005907KBkbA
 1        WHEREAS, This is how we will remember Terry  Deering;  he
 2    was  "bigger  than  most"  in more ways than one; despite his
 3    intimidating size, he was known as an  approachable  man  who
 4    was  funny and likeable; he was a giant of a man with an even
 5    larger heart; and he was  a  loving  father  and  husband,  a
 6    dedicated  public  servant,  and  a  person with a hearty and
 7    booming laugh; and
 8        WHEREAS, Terry Deering was one of a kind,  truly  "bigger
 9    than most"; and we will miss him; therefore, be it
12    SENATE  CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  we  mourn,  along with his
13    family, his friends, and the citizens of  Southern  Illinois,
14    the  death  of  State Representative Terry Deering; and be it
15    further
16        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
17    presented  to  the  family  of  Terry  Deering along with our
18    sincere condolences.

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