State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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      20 ILCS 105/8.07 new
          Amends the Illinois Act on the Aging.  Provides that  the
      Department  on  Aging  and the Department of Public Aid shall
      have  a  joint  committee,  appointed  by  the  Governor,  to
      establish a process to shift the long term care  system  from
      institutions  to  the  home and community.  Provides that the
      committee shall submit  a  report  of  its  findings  to  the
      Governor  and General Assembly by January 1, 1999.  Effective
HB1298 Engrossed                              LRB9004829PTcwA
 1        AN ACT to amend the Illinois Act on the Aging  by  adding
 2    Section 8.07.
 3        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:
 5        Section 5.  The Illinois Act on the Aging is  amended  by
 6    adding Section 8.07 as follows:
 7        (20 ILCS 105/8.07 new)
 8        Sec.  8.07.  Home  and  Community  Based  Care Transition
 9    Planning Committee.
10        (a)  The General Assembly finds that:
11             (1)  Independence, dignity, privacy,  autonomy,  and
12        the  appreciation of individuality are essential elements
13        in  the  maintenance  of  the  health  and  vitality   of
14        individuals in any system of long term care.
15             (2)  To keep individuals alive, healthy, and in full
16        partnership    with    their   families,   friends,   and
17        communities,  long  term  care  services   for   eligible
18        individuals   must   be   of   a  quality  that  features
19        integrated,  accessible,  and  responsible  services  and
20        services that are fully available in home  and  community
21        settings.
22             (3)  Individuals  must  have free choice in planning
23        and managing their care to  optimize  the  responsiveness
24        and cost effectiveness of long term care service.
25             (4)  Access  to  a  full  array  of  long  term care
26        service options is needed for individuals  to  have  care
27        that  is  appropriate  for their needs and to enable case
28        managers to have cost effective alternatives available in
29        the construction of care plans and  in  the  delivery  of
30        services.
31             (5)  Long  term  care  services include, but are not
HB1298 Engrossed            -2-               LRB9004829PTcwA
 1        limited to, home care, community based services, assisted
 2        living,  congregate  care,   adult   foster   care,   and
 3        institutional care.
 4             (6)  Maintaining   an   individual's   dignity   and
 5        self-reliance  without  exception is necessary to protect
 6        the fiscal interests of taxpayers and the State.
 7             (7)  An individual's independence and  rights  as  a
 8        citizen  must  not be diminished through the provision of
 9        long term care.
10             (8)  It is in the best  interest  of  the  State  of
11        Illinois  and  its citizens that Illinois' long term care
12        system be based on provision of home and community  based
13        care   or  other  specified  services  whenever  eligible
14        individuals want and need those services  to  reduce  the
15        State's reliance on institutional care.
16        (b)  A  joint  committee  of  the  Department  on Aging's
17    Community Care Program Advisory Committee, the Department  of
18    Public  Aid's  Long  Term  Care  Advisory subcommittee of the
19    Medicaid Advisory Committee, and  the  Department  of  Public
20    Health's  Home Health Advisory Committee shall be established
21    with 6 representatives appointed by the  Governor  from  each
22    committee by October 1, 1997.
23             (1)  Staffing  of  the  committee  shall be provided
24        jointly by the Department on  Aging,  the  Department  of
25        Public Aid, and the Department of Public Health.
26             (2)  The  Committee  shall establish a process based
27        on the findings of the  General  Assembly  to  shift  the
28        current  long  term  care  system from being based on the
29        provision of institutional  care  to  one  based  on  the
30        provision of home and community based care.
31             (3)  The  committee  shall  file  a  report  of  its
32        findings  with  the  Governor and the General Assembly by
33        January 1, 1999.
HB1298 Engrossed            -3-               LRB9004829PTcwA
 1        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
 2    becoming law.

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