State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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      New Act
          Creates the Soybean Ink Act.  Requires contractors to use
      soybean oil-based ink  in  providing  printing  services  for
      units  of  local  government  and school districts unless the
      local government or school district determines  another  type
      ink is required for quality or cost reasons.
 1        AN ACT concerning the use of soybean ink.
 2        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:
 4        Section 1.  Short title.  This Act may be  known  as  the
 5    Soybean Ink Act.
 6        Section  5.  Definition.  As used in this Act, "printing"
 7    means and includes all processes and operations  involved  in
 8    printing  and  any type of photographic reproduction or other
 9    duplicating   process,   including   but   not   limited   to
10    letterpress, offset, and  gravure  processes,  the  multilith
11    method,   any  type  of  photographic  or  other  duplicating
12    process, and  the  operations  of  composition,  platemaking,
13    presswork,  and  binding.   "Printing"  also  means  the  end
14    products   of   those  processes,  methods,  and  operations.
15    "Printing" does not include photocopiers used in  the  course
16    of  normal  business  activities, photographic equipment used
17    for geographic  mapping,  or  preprinted  matter  or  printed
18    matter  that is commonly available to the general public from
19    vendor inventory.
20        Section 10.  Use of soybean ink.  Contractors  shall  use
21    soybean  oil-based  ink  when  providing printing services to
22    units of local government and  school  districts  unless  the
23    unit  of  local government or school district determines that
24    another type of ink is required to assure  high  quality  and
25    reasonable pricing of the printed product.

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