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60 ILCS 1/Art. 90

    (60 ILCS 1/Art. 90 heading)

60 ILCS 1/90-5

    (60 ILCS 1/90-5)
    Sec. 90-5. Township wholly within city. In every township lying wholly within any city of more than 50,000 population, all the powers vested in the township shall be exercised by the county board of the county in which the township is located, including all the powers vested in the electors at township meetings and the township board. Where there is only one township lying wholly within the city, however, the powers of the township board of that township shall be retained by that township board.
(Source: P.A. 82-783; 88-62.)

60 ILCS 1/90-10

    (60 ILCS 1/90-10)
    Sec. 90-10. County clerk and treasurer as township officers.
    (a) The county clerk of the county in which a township described in Section 90-5 lies shall be ex officio township clerk and township assessor of each such township, and the treasurer of the county shall be ex officio collector and supervisor of each such township. Those officers shall not be required to give any additional bond on account of holding those township offices, but they shall be liable on their official bonds for their acts as township officers in the same manner and to the same extent as if the bonds had been given the township officers.
    (b) County clerks and county treasurers who become ex officio township officers under this Article shall not maintain any other or different public office as township officers than those provided and maintained for them as county clerk and county treasurer.
(Source: Laws 1905, p. 397; Laws 1917, p. 794; P.A. 88-62.)

60 ILCS 1/90-15

    (60 ILCS 1/90-15)
    Sec. 90-15. Highway commissioner abolished. The office of highway commissioner is abolished in townships described in Section 90-5.
(Source: Laws 1901, p. 314; P.A. 88-62.)

60 ILCS 1/90-20

    (60 ILCS 1/90-20)
    Sec. 90-20. Application to new township. Whenever, by the annexation of new territory or otherwise, any new or additional township comes to lie wholly within the boundaries of any city to which this Article applies, all the provisions of this Article shall at once apply to that township.
(Source: Laws 1901, p. 314; P.A. 88-62.)

60 ILCS 1/90-25

    (60 ILCS 1/90-25)
    Sec. 90-25. Election to adopt Article.
    (a) The electors of a township described in Section 90-5 may adopt and become entitled to the benefits of this Article as provided in this Section.
    (b) Whenever 1,000 of the legal voters of the township who voted at the preceding election petition the circuit court for the county in which the township is located to submit to a vote of the electors of the township the proposition whether the township and the electors of it shall adopt and become entitled to the benefits of this Article, the court shall consider the petition and enter appropriate orders in accordance with the general election law. If the petition is found sufficient and the court orders the referendum, the clerk of the circuit court shall certify the proposition and the court order to the proper election officials, who shall submit the proposition at an election in accordance with the general election law.
    (c) An election under this Article shall be conducted in accordance with the general election law. If a majority of the votes cast upon the proposition are for the proposition, this Article shall thereby be adopted by the township, and the mayor of the city shall promptly issue a proclamation declaring this Article in force in the township.
    (d) If the proposition is not adopted at the election, it shall, upon a similar petition, be submitted to a vote of the electors of the township by the court at any subsequent general State, county, city, or township election. An order shall be entered of record in the court submitting the proposition as provided in this Section.
(Source: P.A. 81-1489; 84-1308; 88-62.)

60 ILCS 1/90-30

    (60 ILCS 1/90-30)
    Sec. 90-30. Application. Notwithstanding any provisions of this Article to the contrary, this Article has no application to the office of township assessor in townships described in this Article that are situated in counties of 500,000 or more.
(Source: Laws 1947, p. 1733; P.A. 88-62.)