(415 ILCS 5/) Environmental Protection Act.

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Title I - General Provisions
Title II - Air Pollution
Title III - Water Pollution
Title IV - Public Water Supplies
Title IV-A - Water Pollution Control and Public Water Supplies
Title V - Land Pollution and Refuse Disposal
Title VI - Noise
Title VI-A - Atomic Radiation
Title VI-B - Toxic Chemical Reporting
Title VI-C - Oil Spill Response
Title VI-D - Right-to-Know
Title VII - Regulations
Title VIII - Enforcement
Title IX - Variances and Time-Limited Water Quality Standards
Title X - Permits
Title XI - Judicial Review
Title XII - Penalties
Title XIII - Miscellaneous Provisions
Title XIV - Used Tires
Title XV - Potentially Infectious Medical Waste
Title XVI - Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks
Title XVII - Site Remediation Program