(305 ILCS 5/) Illinois Public Aid Code.

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Article I - Public Purpose - Short Title - Prior Statute - Construction
Article II - Definitions
Article III - Aid To The Aged, Blind Or Disabled
Article IV - Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
Article V - Medical Assistance
Article V-A - Hospital Provider Funding
Article V-B - Long-Term Care Provider Funding
Article V-C - Care Provider Funding For Persons With A Developmental Disability
Article V-D - Exemption of Rural Hospitals (Repealed)
Article V-E - Nursing Home License Fee
Article V-F - Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative (MMAI) Nursing Home Residents' Managed Care Rights Law
Article V-G - Supportive Living Facility Funding
Article V-H - Managed Care Organization Provider Assessment
Article VI - General Assistance
Article VIIIA - Public Assistance Fraud
Article IX - Other Social Services
Article IXA - Education, Training And Employment Program For Recipients Under Article IV
Article X - Determination And Enforcement Of Support Responsibility Of Relatives
Article XI - General Provisions Pertaining To Rights And Responsibilities Of Applicants And Recipients
Article XII - Administration
Article XIII - Purpose--Repeal--Savings; Provisions--Partial Invalidity-- Effective Date
Article XIV - Hospital Services Trust Fund
Article XV - County Provider Trust Fund
Article XVI - Survivor Support And Trafficking Prevention