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(5 ILCS 530/) Chicago U. S. Courthouse Cession Act.

5 ILCS 530/0.01

    (5 ILCS 530/0.01) (from Ch. 1, par. 3900)
    Sec. 0.01. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Chicago U. S. Courthouse Cession Act.
(Source: P.A. 86-1324.)

5 ILCS 530/1

    (5 ILCS 530/1) (from Ch. 1, par. 3901)
    Sec. 1. The State of Illinois hereby cedes to the United States concurrent civil and criminal jurisdiction over the United States Courthouse Annex and Parking Facility, described as follows:
    That part of Block #123 in the school section addition to Chicago of Section 16, Township 39 North Range 14 East of the Third Principal Meridian in Cook County, Illinois, lying west of the West line of South Federal Street (40 feet wide) (named Buffalo Street as laid out in Amos Twitchell's Subdivision of said Block #123), and lying North of the North line of West Congress Parkway as acquired by the City of Chicago pursuant to the General Ordinance passed October 31, 1940, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the Northwest corner of said Block #123; thence South 89 - 43' - 20" East along the North line of said Block #123 a distance of 214.39 feet to the West line of said South Federal Street; thence South 00 - 02' - 02" West along the West line of said South Federal Street a distance of 365.62 feet to the North line of said West Congress Parkway; thence Westerly along the North line of said West Congress Parkway having the following courses and distances as North 89 - 24' - 24" West a distance of 100.09 feet; North 89 - 43' - 40" West a distance of 14.00 feet, and North 89 - 24' - 24" West a distance of 100.09 feet to the West line of said Block #123; thence North 00 - 00' - 02" East along the West line of said block #123 a distance of 364.50 feet to the point of beginning. Containing 78,226.20 sq. ft. or 1.795 acres.
(Source: P.A. 80-1344.)

5 ILCS 530/2

    (5 ILCS 530/2) (from Ch. 1, par. 3902)
    Sec. 2. Cession shall be effective only upon the filing of an acceptance by the United States. Federal jurisdiction shall end whenever the United States shall cease to own, lease or use for national purposes the lands or improvements thereon.
(Source: P.A. 80-1344.)

5 ILCS 530/3

    (5 ILCS 530/3) (from Ch. 1, par. 3903)
    Sec. 3. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to deprive the State of Illinois of any of its jurisdiction over the above described lands.
(Source: P.A. 80-1344.)