(215 ILCS 5/) Illinois Insurance Code.

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Article I - Short Title, Definitions And Classifications
Article II - Domestic Stock Companies
Article IIA - Risk-Based Capital
Article IIB - Domestic Stock Company Division
Article III - Domestic Mutual Companies
Article III 1/2 - Alien Companies
Article IV - Reciprocals
Article V - Lloyds
Article V 1/2 - Insurance Exchange (Repealed by P.A. 98-969)
Article V 3/4 - Group Workers' Compensation; Pools; Pooling; Insolvency Fund
Article VI - Foreign Or Alien Companies
Article VII - Unauthorized Companies
Article VIIA - Advisory Organizations
Article VIIB - Risk Retention Companies
Article VIIC - Domestic Captive Insurance Companies
Article VIID - Nonprofit Risk Organizations
Article VIII - Investments Of Domestic Companies
Part 1 - General Provisions
Part 2 - Life and Health Insurers
Part 3 - Property and Casualty Insurers
Article VIII 1/4 - Risk Management And Own Risk And Solvency Assessment
Article VIII 1/3 - Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Law
Article VIII 1/2 - Insurance Holding Company Systems
Article IX - Provisions Applicable To All Companies
Article IX 1/2 - Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance
Article X - Merger, Consolidation Or Plans Of Exchange
Article XI - Reinsurance
Article XI 1/2 - Protected Cell Companies
Article XIE - Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicle Law
Article XII - Domestication Of Foreign And Alien Companies
Article XII 1/2 - Corrective Orders
Article XIII - Rehabilitation, Liquidation, Conservation And Dissolution Of Companies
Article XIII 1/2 - Uniform Provisions For Liquidation
Article XIV - Legal Reserve Life Insurance
Article XIV 1/2 - Separate Accounts
Article XV - Registration Of Policies And Deposit Of Reserves
Article XVI - Assessment Legal Reserve Life Companies (Repealed by P.A. 98-692; 98-969)
Article XVII - Fraternal Benefit Societies
Article XVIII - Mutual Benefit Associations (Repealed by P.A. 98-969)
Article XIX - Burial Societies
Article XIXA - Long-Term Care Insurance
Article XIXB - Small Employer Group Health Insurance Law (Repealed by P.A. 98-692; 98-969)
Article XX - Accident And Health Insurance
Article XX-1/2 - Health Care Reimbursement
Article XXII - Casualty Insurance, Fidelity Bonds And Surety Contracts
Article XXIII - Fire And Marine Insurance
Article XXIV - Director Of Insurance, Hearings And Review
Article XXV - Fees, Charges And Taxes
Article XXVI - Unfair Methods Of Competition And Unfair And Deceptive Acts And Practices
Article XXVIII - Final Provisions
Article XXIX - Workers' Compensation And Employer's Liability Rates
Article XXX 1/2 - Property and Casualty Rates Other Than Workers' (Repealed By P.A. 90-372, Eff. 7-1-98)
Article XXXI - Insurance Producers, Limited Insurance Representatives And Registered Firms
Article XXXI 1/4 - Third Party Administrators
Article XXXI 1/2 - Third Party Prescription Programs
Article XXXI 3/4 - Public Insurance Adjusters and Registered Firms (Repealed by P.A. 102-135)
Article XXXIIA - Premium Finance Regulation
Article XXXIIB - Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Article XXXIII - Urban Property Insurance
Article XXXIII 1/2 - Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
Article XXXIV - Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund
Article XXXVIII - (Repealed By P.A. 88-379)
Article XXXVIIIA - Mine Subsidence Insurance
Article XXXVIII 1/2 - Group Self-Insurance Programs (Repealed By P.A. 89-97, Eff. 7-7-95)
Article XXXIX - Group Legal Expense Insurance
Article XL - Insurance Information And Privacy Protection
Article XLI - Risk Retention Arrangements For Banking Associations
Article XLII - Insurance Cost Containment
Article XLIII - Mortgage Insurance Consolidation
Article XLIV - Financial Institutions Insurance Sales Law
Article XLV - Public Adjusters
Article XLVI - Travel Insurance
Article XLVII - Insurance Business Transfers