(820 ILCS 405/1800) (from Ch. 48, par. 630)
    Sec. 1800. Records and reports required of employing units - Inspection. Each employing unit shall keep such true and accurate records with respect to services performed for it as may be required by the rules and regulations of the Director promulgated pursuant to the provisions of this Act. Such records together with such other books and documents as may be necessary to verify the entries in such records shall be open to inspection by the Director or his authorized representative at any reasonable time and as often as may be necessary. Every employer who is delinquent in the payment of contributions shall also permit the Director or his representative to enter upon his premises, inspect his books and records, and inventory his personal property and rights thereto, for the purpose of ascertaining and listing the personal property owned by such employer which is subject to the lien created by this Act in favor of the Director of Employment Security. Each employing unit which has paid no contributions for employment in any calendar year shall, prior to January 30 of the succeeding calendar year, file with the Director, on forms to be furnished by the Director at the request of such employing unit, a report of its employment experience for such periods as the Director shall designate on such forms, together with such other information as the Director shall require on such forms, for the purpose of determining the liability of such employing unit for the payment of contributions; in addition, every newly created employing unit shall file such report with the Director within 30 days of the date upon which it commences business. The Director, the Board of Review, or any Referee may require from any employing unit any sworn or unsworn reports concerning such records as he or the Board of Review deems necessary for the effective administration of this Act, and every such employing unit or person shall fully, correctly, and promptly furnish the Director all information required by him to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 83-1503.)