(820 ILCS 255/14) (from Ch. 48, par. 1414)
    Sec. 14. (a) If an employee has requested information in writing about a toxic substance to which he or she is entitled under this Act and has not received the information specified within the time frames provided by this Act, the employee may refuse to work with the toxic substance. Notwithstanding the above sentence, if any employer does not possess a material safety data sheet for a toxic substance and has made a good faith effort to acquire one, an employee is not entitled under this Act to refuse to work with the toxic substance on the grounds that the employer has refused to provide such material safety data sheet within time limits specified by Section 9(d). An employer that complies with the requirements of Section 9(d) will be presumed to have made a good faith effort under Section 14.
    (b) An employer may not discharge or otherwise discipline or discriminate in any manner against any employee, prospective employee, or employee representative because that person exercises any rights under this Act, or makes a claim, or files any complaint or action, or testifies in any proceeding related to this Act, nor shall any remuneration, position, seniority, or other benefits be lost for such reasons.
    (c) No employer shall request or require that an employee, former employee or applicant for employment waive any rights under this Act.
    (d) This Section shall become effective with respect to any toxic substance upon filing, unless a later effective date is specified in the rule, pursuant to Section 4 (e).
(Source: P.A. 83-240.)