(820 ILCS 96/1-45)
    Sec. 1-45. Limitations. This Act shall not be construed to limit an employer's ability to require the following to maintain confidentiality of allegations of unlawful employment practices made by others:
        (1) employees who receive complaints or investigate
allegations related to unlawful employment practices as part of their assigned job duties, or otherwise have access to confidential personnel information as a part of their assigned job duties;
        (2) an employee or third party who is notified and
requested to participate in an open and ongoing investigation into alleged unlawful employment practices and requested to maintain reasonable confidentiality during the pendency of that investigation and thereafter;
        (3) an employee or any third party who receives
attorney work product or attorney-client privileged communications as part of any dispute, controversy, or legal claim involving an unlawful employment practice;
        (4) any individual who by law is subject to a
recognized legal or evidentiary privilege; or
        (5) any third party engaged or hired by the employer
to investigate complaints of an unlawful employment practice.
(Source: P.A. 101-221, eff. 1-1-20.)