(815 ILCS 525/25)
    Sec. 25. Disclosures required. A written promotional prize offer must contain each of the following in a clear and conspicuous statement at the onset of the offer:
        (1) the true name or names of the sponsor and the
address of the sponsor's actual principal place of business;
        (2) the retail value of each prize the person
receiving the notice has been selected to receive or may be eligible to receive;
        (3) a disclosure that no purchase is necessary to
enter such written promotional offer;
        (4) a disclosure that a purchase will not improve the
person's chances of winning with an entry;
        (5) a statement of the person's odds of receiving
each prize identified in the notice;
        (6) any requirement that the person pay the actual
shipping or handling fees or any other charges to obtain or use a prize, including the nature and amount of the charges;
        (7) if receipt of the prize is subject to a
restriction, a description of the restriction;
        (8) any limitations on eligibility; and
        (9) if a sponsor represents that the person is a
"finalist", has been "specially selected", is in "first place", or is otherwise among a limited group of persons with an enhanced likelihood of receiving a prize, the written prize notice must contain a statement of the maximum number of persons in the group or purported group with this enhanced likelihood of receiving a prize.
(Source: P.A. 92-436, eff. 1-1-02.)