(815 ILCS 525/20)
    Sec. 20. No payment required.
    (a) No sponsor may require a person in this State to pay the sponsor money as a condition of awarding the person a prize, or as a condition of allowing the person to receive, use, compete for, or obtain information about a prize.
    (b) A sponsor shall not represent that a person has won or unconditionally will be the winner of a prize or represent that he or she has won a prize, unless all of the following conditions are met:
        (1) the person is given the prize without obligation;
        (2) the person is notified at no expense to him or
her within 15 days of winning the prize; and
        (3) the representation is not false, deceptive, or
(Source: P.A. 92-436, eff. 1-1-02.)