(815 ILCS 505/6) (from Ch. 121 1/2, par. 266)
    Sec. 6. If any person fails or refuses to file any statement or report, or obey any subpoena issued by the Attorney General or a State's Attorney, the Attorney General or the State's Attorney may file a complaint in the circuit court for the:
    (a) Granting of injunctive relief, restraining the sale or advertisement of any merchandise by such persons, or the conduct of any trade or commerce that is involved;
    (b) Vacating, annulling, or suspending of the corporate charter of a corporation created by or under the laws of this State or the revoking or suspending of the certificate of authority to do business in this State of a foreign corporation or the revoking or suspending of any other licenses, permits or certificates issued pursuant to law to such person which are used to further the allegedly unlawful practice; and
    (c) Granting of such other relief as may be required; until the person files the statement or report, or obeys the subpoena.
    Upon commencement of any action brought under this Act by a State's Attorney, the State's Attorney shall mail a copy of the complaint or other initial pleading to the Attorney General, and upon the entry of any judgment or order in the action, shall mail a copy of such judgment or order to the Attorney General.
(Source: P.A. 84-748.)