(815 ILCS 307/10-5.10)
    Sec. 10-5.10. Business Broker. "Business Broker" means any person who is required to register under Section 10-10 of this Act and, in return for a fee, commission, or other compensation:
        (1) promises to procure a business for any person or
assists any person in procuring a business from any third person;
        (2) negotiates, offers, attempts or agrees to
negotiate the sale, exchange, or purchase of a business;
        (3) buys, sells, offers to buy or sell or otherwise
deals in options on businesses;
        (4) advertises or represents himself as a business
        (5) assists or directs in the procuring of prospects
intended to result in the purchase, sale, or exchange of a business;
        (6) offers, promotes, lists or agrees to offer,
promote, or list a business for sale, lease, or exchange.
(Source: P.A. 89-209, eff. 1-1-96; 90-70, eff. 7-8-97.)