(805 ILCS 315/16) (from Ch. 32, par. 455)
    Sec. 16. Any member may bring charges against an officer or director by filing them in writing with the secretary of the association, together with a petition signed by five per cent of the members, requesting the removal of the officer or director in question. The removal shall be voted upon at the next regular or special meeting, of the association, and by a vote of a majority of the members, the association may remove the officer or director and fill the vacancy. The director or officer, against whom such charges have been brought shall be informed in writing of the charges previous to the meeting and shall have an opportunity at the meeting to be heard in person or by counsel and to present witnesses; and the person or persons bringing the charges against him shall have the same opportunity.
    In case the by-laws provide for election of directors by districts with primary elections in each district, then the petition for removal of a director must be signed by twenty per cent of the members residing in the district from which he was elected. The board of directors must call a special meeting of the members residing in that district to consider the removal of the directors; and by a vote of the majority of the members of that district, the director in question shall be removed from office.
(Source: Laws 1923, p. 286.)