(805 ILCS 215/605)
    Sec. 605. Effect of dissociation as general partner.
    (a) Upon a person's dissociation as a general partner:
        (1) the person's right to participate as a general
partner in the management and conduct of the partnership's activities terminates;
        (2) except as provided in clause (3), the person's
fiduciary duties as a general partner terminate;
        (3) the person's duty of loyalty as a general partner
under Section 408(b)(1) and (2) and duty of care under Section 408(c) continue only with regard to matters arising and events occurring before the person's dissociation as a general partner;
        (4) the person may sign and deliver to the Secretary
of State for filing a statement of dissociation pertaining to the person and, at the request of the limited partnership, shall sign an amendment to the certificate of limited partnership which states that the person has dissociated; and
        (5) subject to Section 704 and Article 11, any
transferable interest owned by the person immediately before dissociation in the person's capacity as a general partner is owned by the person as a mere transferee.
    (b) A person's dissociation as a general partner does not of itself discharge the person from any obligation to the limited partnership or the other partners which the person incurred while a general partner.
(Source: P.A. 93-967, eff. 1-1-05.)