(805 ILCS 215/104)
    Sec. 104. Nature, purpose, and duration of entity.
    (a) A limited partnership is an entity distinct from its partners. A limited partnership is the same entity regardless of whether its certificate states that the limited partnership is a limited liability limited partnership.
    (b) A limited partnership may be organized under this Act for any lawful purpose and may carry on any business that a partnership without limited partners may carry on except banking, the operation of railroads, and insurance unless carried on as a business of a limited syndicate authorized and regulated by the Director of Insurance under Article V 1/2 of the Illinois Insurance Code or for the purpose of carrying on business as a member of a group including incorporated and individual unincorporated underwriters when the Director of Insurance finds that the group meets the requirements of subsection (3) of Section 86 of the Illinois Insurance Code and the limited partnership, if insolvent, is subject to liquidation by the Director of Insurance under Article XIII of the Illinois Insurance Code.
    (c) A limited partnership has a perpetual duration.
(Source: P.A. 93-967, eff. 1-1-05.)