(805 ILCS 180/10-1)
    Sec. 10-1. Admission of members.
    (a) A person becomes a member of a limited liability company:
        (1) upon formation of the company, as provided in an
agreement between the organizer and the initial member if there is only one member, or as provided in an agreement among initial members if there is more than one member;
        (2) after the formation of the company,
            (A) as provided in the operating agreement;
            (B) as the result of a transaction effective
under Article 37;
            (C) with the consent of all the members; or
            (D) if, within 180 consecutive days after the
company ceases to have any members:
                (i) the last person to have been a member,
or the legal representative of that person, designates a person to become a member; and
                (ii) the designated person consents to
become a member.
            More than one person may be designated to become
a member under this clause (D).
    (b) A person that acquires a distributional interest, but that does not become a member, has merely the rights of a transferee under Sections 30-5 and 30-10.
    (c) A person may become a member without acquiring a distributional interest and without making or being obligated to make a contribution to the limited liability company.
(Source: P.A. 101-553, eff. 1-1-20.)