(805 ILCS 110/46h) (from Ch. 32, par. 183)
    Sec. 46h. The word "trustees," whenever used in this act, shall be construed to include wardens, vestrymen, or such other officers as perform the duties of trustee. The words "ecclesiastical body" shall be construed to include any synod, presbytery, conference, convention, council, episcopate, assembly, or any other regularly constituted body of a religious sect or denomination having jurisdiction or patronage of, or charge over, certain ecclesiastical districts, divisions or dioceses. The word "diocesan" shall be construed to include any bishop, archbishop, administrator, or such other ecclesiastical officer as shall be appointed according to the usages, customs, rules, regulations or canons, of any sect, or denomination to preside over and administer the affairs of any ecclesiastical district or diocese.
(Source: Laws 1913, p. 191.)