(805 ILCS 110/46c) (from Ch. 32, par. 178)
    Sec. 46c. The successor of the presiding officer of any ecclesiastical body, or of the diocesan, or like ecclesiastical officer, shall, by virtue of his office, be for the time being a trustee of such corporation in place of his predecessor, and when the office of any other trustee becomes vacant, his successor shall be appointed in the manner provided for in the original selection. The number, term of office, and the qualifications of the trustees of any such corporation, may be determined by the usages, customs, rules, regulations, articles of association, constitution, by-laws or canons of the ecclesiastical body, or diocesan, or like ecclesiastical officer. No certificate of appointment, after the first, need be filed for record.
(Source: Laws 1913, p. 191.)