(805 ILCS 105/113.15) (from Ch. 32, par. 113.15)
    Sec. 113.15. Application for authority.
    (a) A foreign corporation, in order to procure authority to conduct affairs in this State, shall execute and file in duplicate an application therefor, in accordance with Section 101.10 of this Act, and shall also file a copy of its articles of incorporation and all amendments thereto, duly authenticated by the proper officer of the state or country wherein it is incorporated. Such application shall set forth:
        (1) The name of the corporation, with any additions
thereto required in order to comply with Section 104.05 of this Act together with the State or country under the laws of which it is organized;
        (2) The date of its incorporation and the period of
its duration;
        (3) The address, including street and number, if any,
of its principal office;
        (4) The address, including street and number, or
rural route number, of its proposed registered office in this State, and the name of its proposed registered agent in this State at such address;
        (5) (Blank);
        (6) The purpose or purposes for which it was
organized which it proposes to pursue in the conduct of affairs in this State;
        (7) The names and respective addresses, including
street and number, or rural route number, of its directors and officers;
        (8) With respect to any foreign corporation a purpose
of which is to function as a club, as defined in Section 1-3.24 of "The Liquor Control Act of 1934," as now or hereafter amended, a statement that it will comply with the State and local laws and ordinances relating to alcoholic liquors; and
        (9) Such additional information as may be necessary
or appropriate in order to enable the Secretary of State to determine whether such corporation is entitled to be granted authority to conduct affairs in this State.
    (b) Such application shall be made on forms prescribed and furnished by the Secretary of State.
    (c) When the provisions of this Section have been complied with, the Secretary of State shall file the application for authority.
(Source: P.A. 92-33, eff. 7-1-01.)