(805 ILCS 10/13) (from Ch. 32, par. 415-13)
    Sec. 13. The regulating authority which issued the certificate of registration may suspend or revoke the certificate or may otherwise discipline the certificate holder for any of the following reasons:
    (a) The revocation or suspension of the license to practice the profession of any officer, director, shareholder or employee not promptly removed or discharged by the corporation; (b) unethical professional conduct on the part of any officer, director, shareholder or employee not promptly removed or discharged by the corporation; (c) the death of the last remaining shareholder; (d) upon finding that the holder of a certificate has failed to comply with the provisions of this Act or the regulations prescribed by the regulating authority that issued it; or (e) the failure to file a return, or to pay the tax, penalty or interest shown in a filed return, or to pay any final assessment of tax, penalty or interest, as required by any tax Act administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue, until such time as the requirements of any such tax Act are satisfied.
    Before any certificate of registration is suspended or revoked, the holder shall be given written notice of the proposed action and the reasons therefor, and shall provide a public hearing by the regulating authority, with the right to produce testimony and other evidence concerning the charges made. The notice shall also state the place and date of the hearing which shall be at least 10 days after service of said notice.
    All orders of regulating authorities denying an application for a certificate of registration, suspending or revoking a certificate of registration, or imposing a civil penalty shall be subject to judicial review pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Review Law, as now or hereafter amended, and the rules adopted pursuant thereto then in force.
    The proceedings for judicial review shall be commenced in the circuit court of the county in which the party applying for review is located. If the party is not currently located in Illinois, the venue shall be in Sangamon County. The regulating authority shall not be required to certify any record to the court or file any answer in court or otherwise appear in any court in a judicial review proceeding, unless and until the regulating authority has received from the plaintiff payment of the costs of furnishing and certifying the record, which costs shall be determined by the regulating authority. Exhibits shall be certified without cost. Failure on the part of the plaintiff to file a receipt in court is grounds for dismissal of the action.
(Source: P.A. 99-227, eff. 8-3-15.)