(805 ILCS 5/6.20) (from Ch. 32, par. 6.20)
    Sec. 6.20. Subscriptions for shares. A subscription for shares of a corporation to be organized shall be irrevocable for a period of six months unless otherwise provided by the terms of the subscription agreement, or unless all of the subscribers consent to the revocation of such subscription. The filing of the articles of incorporation by the Secretary of State shall constitute acceptance by the corporation of all existing subscriptions to its shares, and thereupon subscribers for shares, or their assigns, shall be deemed to be the shareholders of the corporation, and the corporation shall have the right to enforce such subscriptions in its own name.
    Unless otherwise provided in the subscription agreement, subscriptions for shares, whether made before or after the organization of a corporation, shall be paid in full at such time, or in such installments and at such times, as shall be determined by the board of directors. Any call made by the board of directors for payment on subscriptions shall be uniform as to all shares of the same class or as to all shares of the same series, as the case may be. In case of default in the payment of any installment or call when such payment is due, the corporation may proceed to collect the amount due in the same manner as any debt due the corporation. The by-laws may prescribe other penalties for failure to pay installments or calls that may become due, but no penalty working a forfeiture of the shares, or of the amounts paid thereon, shall be declared as against the estate of any decedent before distribution shall have been made of the estate, or against any subscriber unless the amount due thereon shall remain unpaid for a period of twenty days after written demand has been made therefor. If mailed, such written demand shall be deemed to be made when deposited in the United States mail in a sealed envelope addressed to the subscriber at his or her last known post office address, with the postage thereon prepaid. In the event of the sale of any shares by reason of any forfeiture, the excess of proceeds realized over the amount due and unpaid on such shares shall be paid to the delinquent subscriber or to his or her legal representative.
(Source: P.A. 83-1025.)